In medias res

I’ve missed a lot of momentous events that might have been good starting points for a blog: the beginning of grad school, the start of reading for my comprehensive exam, etc.  We’re also halfway through this amazing art residency at the Banff Centre, a themed program led by Joseph del Pesco called Polymath Breakthrough.  It is a fantastic group, a mix of artists and non-artists like myself, and we’ve spent much of our time just discussing things, working through a fermenting tangle of ideas: group and individual projects still beginning, some shifting in mid-flow, and other schemes that we will probably never follow through on.  Plus all of our lingering projects and obligations that we didn’t quite finish before arriving here.

It’s all too messy and interconnected to separate out any of these projects and write about them from the beginning.  It feels like too much to get the reader up to speed.  So I’m just going to start in the middle of things… which seems appropriate for a blog about the process and practice of mapping, and the hazy boundaries of networked geography.

So I’m going to start mapping in medias res and we’ll figure things out as we go.

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