Delicious fans

I have delicious fans!?

So, then I went surfing the networks of the people in my network (and of my fans), and then started surfing their fans and networks.  …until I realized that I wasn’t actually following any of their links, I was just reading the titles of their links to decide if they were somebody that I ought to add to my network.

Do I have to put a stop to it somewhere?  Decide when I am getting close to information overload?  Do I have to guess whether I will actually read enough (or any) of their links to make it worth adding them?

Or does it stop on its own?  When do I have enough people in my network that I can trust that at least one of them will stumble on everything I might be interested in?  Of course, this is at the cost of wading through tons of links and blog posts about the most popular things.

Or is there no single point where it stops, and you just have to oscillate through phases of information overload and deliberate unplugging?

By the way, if you haven’t gotten enough of finding interesting users on delicious just by surfing networks, also try looking at some of your favorite obscure links, and then check to see which other delicious users have also bookmarked it.  A nice way to find new people with similar interests.

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