#geowebchat transcript, 6 December 2011

@mappingmashups Welcome everybody for the last #geowebchat of the year. Today is a bit of a free-for-all. Thoughts about 2011, predictions for 2012… 11:02am

@re_sieber The past year–the revival of OAuth, tokens to access everything! Also retrenchment from Google, as it sheds apps. #geowebchat 11:02am

@mappingmashups Yeah, what’s up with Google, anyway? What was the downside for them if they kept all those labs apps running? #geowebchat 11:03am

@mappingmashups And the revival of OAuth? I don’t know enough about that, did it have a previous heyday? #geowebchat 11:04am

@re_sieber Next year I hope for APIs to make streaming data handling easier. Or XPath examples that work! #geowebchat 11:04am

@mappingmashups Welcome @Geoteq! You’ve been RTing a lot of good 2011 review links today! Plenty of material to talk about there, too. #geowebchat 11:05am

@re_sieber @Geoteq Welcome. Can you RT some prognostications w #geowebchat hashtag? 11:06am

@mappingmashups (Meanwhile, my breakfast order just came up. Shall I share a photo with you? Did food tweets increase or decrease in 2011?) #geowebchat 11:07am

@re_sieber @mappingmashups Sites that used to have access keys, tokens took them out and then brought them back. #geowebchat 11:07am

@mappingmashups #geowebchat RT @Geoteq: Map Art Exhibitions – maps created by artists in 2010-2011: j.mp/tRa2p2 11:09am

@mappingmashups #geowebchat RT @Geoteq: The best of 2011 in maps: spatial.ly/rFDSOv MT @spatialanalysis #cartography #dataviz 11:09am

@AndrewShears Really cool. RT @mappingmashups: #geowebchat RT @Geoteq: Map Art Exhibitions – maps created by artists in 2010-2011: j.mp/tRa2p2 11:09am

@re_sieber @mappingmashups I guess it means less employees to maintain/mind apps. But what’s the prob w them creating a repository of apps? #geowebchat 11:09am

@mappingmashups @re_sieber But I’m sure Google has employees to burn! Maybe this creates an opening for someone else to host apps? Yahoo? MSFT? #geowebchat 11:11am

@re_sieber Check out #neogeoweb for happenings from the Fall of 2011. My current fave is extendny.com #geowebchat 11:12am

@re_sieber @mappingmashups Google is actually rethinking its biz strategy/mission. So concentrate on apps that can be monetized #geowebchat 11:13am

@mappingmashups @re_sieber Yeah, your #neogeoweb class found a ton of great links. Def a hashtag to note. Are you teaching it again in 2012? #geowebchat 11:13am

@AndrewShears Here’s a participatory social mapping project (in it’s infancy) that a friend of mine’s been working on: bit.ly/vcmNtN #GeoWebChat 11:14am

@re_sieber nxt yr? Further shedding of Google apps bc they can’t be monetized. Days of easy ‘pts on map make $’ idea is gone #geowebchat 11:14am

@mappingmashups The “best of” link reminded me of the iPhone tracking fiasco, & now Carrier IQ mess. Expect more massive privacy leaks in 2012. #geowebchat 11:15am

@re_sieber @AndrewShears Love that. My PhD, who’s doing climate change education & Geoweb would be interested. #geowebchat 11:17am

@mappingmashups Here’s my iPhone map as of April 20, just for fun. #geowebchat twitpic.com/7pelq6 11:19am

@re_sieber 2012 further centralization of LBS as companies like Gowalla are eaten #geowebchat 11:19am

@Geoteq Greetings everyone. Sorry, I’m having a problems with connection. I can’t guarantee that I will actively participate this chat. #geowebchat 11:20am

@mappingmashups @re_sieber @AndrewShears The toweatherness project is cool, & interesting how a hashtag is the diff between VGI and “Ambient GI” #geowebchat 11:22am

@re_sieber 2012 Further integration of space and time. Also integration of the ‘space’ of social network analysis and geography #geowebchat 11:24am

@mappingmashups In 2012 will we see a massive shift to 3D city models on geoweb? re: Apple’s recent acquisitions? Or is that still a mirage? #geowebchat 11:24am

@bricker Awesome links! #geowebchat 11:25am

@mappingmashups @re_sieber Agreed time is becoming more crucial. If only because the geoweb is old enough to have more & more stale data around #geowebchat 11:26am

@AndrewShears @mappingmashups I could see more 3D modeling from Google’s interior streetview + Offers… interactive like Minority Report #geowebchat 11:27am

@mappingmashups Or more as it gets harder to opt out? RT @re_sieber: @mappingmashups @AndrewShears 2012 less #ambientGI as people get paranoid? #geowebchat 11:27am

@bricker @mappingmashups don’t forget ESRI bit.ly/o7blZl #geowebchat 11:27am

@mappingmashups @jlabove (and @geoteq) no worries about slow-pokes. Participate as much as you can, or lurk as much as you like. #geowebchat 11:27am

@re_sieber @mappingmashups 3D requires data. MS did well 2 integ gaming algorithms & GI but I don’t see advances bc of shift 2 sm screens #geowebchat 11:27am

@AndrewShears By combining data obtained from search with integrated streetview plus offers plus GPS… How personal cld our virtual space be? #geowebchat 11:28am

@mappingmashups Holy crap! RT @bricker: @mappingmashups don’t forget ESRI bit.ly/o7blZl #geowebchat 11:28am

@AndrewShears I’d love to see more of the 3D #Geoviz be focused on historical and cultural geog… I’d love to visit Manhattan in 1947. #geowebchat 11:29am

@mappingmashups Nice! RT @jlabove: so i’ve been getting jazzed about ‘social mapping’. here’s my year in 4sq:4sqmap.com/stats/jlabove #GeoWebChat 11:30am

@re_sieber @bricker Yikes, that’s boatload of vectors! How fast does that run in realtime? #geowebchat 11:31am

@bricker @re_sieber #geowebchat despite the small screen there is room for mobile AR (MAR), especially for monitization MAR=Wow 11:31am

@AndrewShears @mappingmashups @re_sieber I honestly thought the iphone “tracking” would be the end of opt-out geotracking. #GeoWebChat 11:31am

@bricker have you seen the inception app? @jlabove #geowebchat 11:31am

@AndrewShears @bricker @jlabove Inception app? Link? #geowebchat 11:34am

@bricker @re_sieber #geowebchat yea that is the challenge. I predict less vectors, less systems immersion, more behavior immersion with less viz 11:34am

@bricker @AndrewShears @jlabove #geowebchat bit.ly/dZCNHr heard about via PPGIS listserv 11:36am

@AndrewShears Agreed! RT @jlabove: Google Maps 6 is going into retail spaces. I have many issues with this! bit.ly/sy7sDt #GeoWebChat 11:36am

@mappingmashups @jlabove Wow. Since everything in IKEA is prob’ly RFIDed, you should just be able to hook up a tag reader to your smartphone… #geowebchat 11:36am

@re_sieber @bricker behavior immersion? Is that AR plus software agents (think Mr. Clippy, the Paperclip in MS) #geowebchat 11:37am

@AndrewShears @mappingmashups @jlabove Imagine walking in a mall w this mobile geoweb integration! It’d be million voices = Borg collective. #geowebchat 11:38am

@mappingmashups #geowebchat RT @jlabove: insane. but somehow, true! clearly, the internet is where all of our free time and creativity goes! 11:38am

@bricker @AndrewShears @jlabove #geowebchat minority report anyone? 11:39am

@re_sieber @AndrewShears @jlabove Google Maps 6 goes indoors. Like outside.in (whatever happend to them) bit.ly/sy7sDt #GeoWebChat #neogeoweb 11:39am

@re_sieber @mappingmashups @jlabove Internet is where all of our free time goes. Just Twitter #geowebchat 11:40am

@mappingmashups @AndrewShears @jlabove Borg-mall-mind wouldn’t be too bad if the voices weren’t filtered by IKEA. Could create some good subtext #geowebchat 11:40am

@AndrewShears @jlabove @mappingmashups And of course, for what purpose? #capitalism #geowebchat 11:40am

@mappingmashups This is fun, we should pick on IKEA as our evil monolith more often… ragging on Google & Apple all the time gets tiresome. #geowebchat 11:41am

@mappingmashups @re_sieber @AndrewShears @jlabove outside.in is (was?) about hyperlocal news, but not truly indoor stuff, right? #geowebchat 11:42am

@AndrewShears @re_sieber @jlabove @bricker Does that mean we might *finally* be getting #VirtualReality environments like promised in 1990s? #geowebchat 11:42am

@bricker @re_sieber #geowebchat, could be, was thinking I am in Nadine’s lab but behaviorally immersed in your lab right now w/o using a HMD 11:42am

@mappingmashups @AndrewShears Tsk Tsk, not just #VirtualReality but also #AugmentedReality. We’re geographers here! #geowebchat 11:43am

@re_sieber @AndrewShears @jlabove @mappingmashups Unfortunately, my students care little ab who’s mapping or mapped. #geowebchat 11:43am

@mappingmashups @bricker @re_sieber Just think how much more immersed you could be if you had wifi there, Britta! #geowebchat 11:44am

@AndrewShears What is the app that combines phone camera pointing with basically streetview address data for a layered experience? #geowebchat 11:44am

@re_sieber @mappingmashups @AndrewShears @jlabove Have to find company that was stitching streetview to indoor 360 views; saw @ where 2.0 #geowebchat 11:44am

@mappingmashups @AndrewShears Are you talking about something like Yelp’s monocle, or Layar? #geowebchat 11:45am

@AndrewShears Result of the Facebook Effect RT @re_sieber @jlabove @mappingmashups Students care little ab who’s mapping or mapped. #geowebchat 11:46am

@SkipCody Redfin uses that technology in their listing app #geowebchat @AndrewShears 11:46am

@AndrewShears @mappingmashups Layar is what I was thinking of, thanks! #geowebchat. 11:46am

@re_sieber @re_sieber @mappingmashups @AndrewShears @jlabove It used ex of Cheers Bar. They were able 2 marker pts on indoor ‘street’ view #geowebchat 11:47am

@SkipCody How did it look? Impressive? Have to find company that was stitching streetview to indoor 360 views; saw @ where 2.0 #geowebchat 11:47am

@mappingmashups RT @alogicalfallacy: @AndrewShears Interesting, my students care quite a bit both about who is mapping/mapped and facebook #geowebchat 11:47am

@AndrewShears @mappingmashups @alogicalfallacy Could be amount of reliance on social network? Students here are more reliant, don’t care. #geowebchat 11:48am

@mappingmashups RT @re_sieber: @bricker There’s lots of work on NUIs (e.g., Kinect) and haptic interfaces, so more of that for 2012 #geowebchat 11:49am

@AndrewShears Indeed! RT @mappingmashups: Tsk Tsk, not just #VirtualReality but also #AugmentedReality. We’re geographers here! #geowebchat 11:49am

@mappingmashups (wishing we could get together for a geoweb movie night. Minority Report, Inception, what else?) #geowebchat 11:50am

@AndrewShears So, what if we took something like Layar and combined it with a historical reality? You could see what *used* to be somewhere. #geowebchat 11:50am

@mappingmashups RT @jlabove: @AndrewShears @mappingmashups @alogicalfallacy do they not care or is the work just happening in the background? #geowebchat 11:51am

@mappingmashups RT @jlabove: @AndrewShears @alogicalfallacy put another way, is the cost of knowing not worth getting off Facebook for? #geowebchat 11:51am

@mappingmashups Don’t forget your #geowebchat hashtag, kids! 11:51am

@bricker @AndrewShears #geowebchat this is being done in tourism and archeology 11:52am

@re_sieber @mappingmashups Avatar. Has one of the best immersive 4D map simulations #geowebchat 11:52am

@AndrewShears Exactly! RT @jlabove @mappingmashups @alogicalfallacy put another way, is cost of knowing not worth getting off Facebook for? #geowebchat 11:52am

@mappingmashups @AndrewShears Historical streetview has been done: infosthetics.com/archives/2010/… But as AR? Not sure. @bricker, do you know? #geowebchat 11:53am

@SkipCody +1 RT @AndrewShears: So, if we took something like Layar and comb it with a historical reality? You could see what *used* to be. #geowebchat 11:54am

@mappingmashups @jlabove @andrewshears @alogicalfallacy “mapping at FB isn’t so transparent” – can you clarify? I’m losing track of this thread. #geowebchat 11:55am

@bricker @mappingmashups @AndrewShears #geowebchat TourWist app comes to mind, one view of a city fixed in time 11:56am

@mappingmashups RT @bricker: @mappingmashups @AndrewShears #geowebchat I know of a MAR paper recreating buildings in Athens but not like street view 11:57am

@mappingmashups @jlabove @andrewshears @alogicalfallacy I see. Agree completely. #geowebchat 11:57am

@mappingmashups RT @alogicalfallacy: I just meant students concerned with security on phones and social networks. Fb mapping another thing #geowebchat 11:58am

@alogicalfallacy @mappingmashups @jlabove @andrewshears also concerns seem more socially than geospatially based. Of course, convergence. #GeoWebChat 11:58am

@mappingmashups Well everyone, the clock is about to strike 12, and Santa is coming. Time to wrap it up! Thanks to everybody for participating! #geowebchat 11:59am

@mappingmashups There will be no more #geowebchat events this month, and in January let’s do the 2nd and 4th Tuesday (that’s January 10 and January 24) 12:00pm

@mappingmashups All of our predictions are now part of the public record, and we will review them again in December 2012 to see who was right! #geowebchat 12:01pm

@alogicalfallacy Made my first comments during #geowebchat, fun and brilliant people. Must remember to be around more often. :) 12:02pm

@mappingmashups Also, there may be a time change, so check back w/ me or check the web page: mappingmashups.net/geowebchat. Possibly shifting 1 hr later. #geowebchat 12:03pm

@re_sieber @mappingmashups Better harvest the tweets now as it’s streaming! Not ur mother’s database anymore! #geowebchat 12:04pm

@bricker #geowebchat Thanks for the fun!! 12:05pm

@mappingmashups TwapperKeeper is a fickle mistress! RT @re_sieber: Better harvest the tweets now! Not ur mother’s database anymore! #geowebchat 12:05pm

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