#geowebchat transcript, 17 April 2012

mappingmashups Apr 16, 5:33pm Next #geowebchat: Geosocial networking: privacy & consent. What do we expect when we share our location? Tues (tomorrow!) 12p PDT. Pls RT!

mappingmashups 9:20am Reminder: #geowebchat on privacy & the #geoweb at 12p PDT / 3pm EDT. Meanwhile, check out #privchat in progress, which started at 12p EDT.

mappingmashups 10:00am Nice lurking on #privchat today. In 2 hrs we’ll be talking privacy issues on #geowebchat. Would love to have you privacy pros join us there.

mappingmashups 10:01am More info about #privchat: epic.org/privchat/. More info about #geowebchat: mappingmashups.net/geowebchat/. Would love some cross-pollination!

mappingmashups 11:59am Next #geowebchat starts in a few minutes. Talking about locational privacy & geosocial networking. Everyone welcome to join in!

mappingmashups 12:00pm What is locational privacy? How do we preserve it? How do we know when we’re losing it? How do we protect ourselves and others? #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:02pm yrs ago Harlan Onsrud said it’s ok for ppl who want free access (to Internet, mobile) to give up a little privacy #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:02pm How do we know if ppl are sharing location consciously or unintentionally? Is a loss of privacy necessary to use the geoweb? #geowebchat

jlabove 12:02pm What expectations of privacy do we have in material public space? CCTV, drones. Is the geoweb going the way of other space? #geowebchat

aga_l 12:03pm white paper released by @EFF defines loc privacy as “the ability of an individual to move in public space with the expectation.. #geowebchat

aga_l 12:03pm “… that under normal circumstances their location will not be systematically and secretly recorded for later use.” #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:03pm @jlabove Good point, Josh. The geoweb is already intermixed w/ physical space. Privacy is being eroded online and off. #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:03pm @mappingmashups We never know who’s sharing what intentionally. I mean, how hard is it to control who you share w on FB? (very.) #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:03pm @mappingmashups rephrased If a loss of privacy is necessary to use the geoweb then what? #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:04pm @re_sieber and following @jlabove we could extend Onsrud to say you have to give up some privacy to live in society (?) #geowebchat

alogicalfallacy 12:05pm @aga_l I’m not sure I wholly buy the “for later use” part. That seems to excuse synchronous or near-synchronous from criticism. #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:05pm @aga_l remember Where 2.0 yrs ago when @EFF said to firms: if you store location, gov will come after that content #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:05pm I’d think that more important than giving up privacy is the why. Who benefits from us broadcasting? #geowebchat

kg_geomapper 12:06pm what are the hallmark incidents that led to detrimental consequences for someone giving up their privacy in this way? #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:06pm @aga_l a little late to the #geowebchat — do they define “secretly recorded” anywhere in there? sounds like that’s the rub.

peterajohnson 12:06pm @re_sieber the key distinction here is opt-in vs. opt-out. Which is the default setting on the Geoweb? #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:06pm @mappingmashups @jlabove Wait, don’t concede so easily. We should demand privacy from various tech intrusions #geowebchat

aga_l 12:06pm @re_sieber govn’t is already coming after it e.g. Bill C-30 in Canada that will allow police to get loc info w/out a warrant #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:07pm @peterajohnson Also Privacy from whom? Gov? Biz? Your friends? #geowebchat

aga_l 12:07pm @re_sieber exactly, we should be very skeptical of discourses that tell us to give up our right to privacy #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:08pm @peterajohnson It’s the opt-out that always rubs people the wrong way. #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:08pm RT @re_sieber: @peterajohnson Also Privacy from whom? Gov? Biz? Your friends? #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:08pm RT @aga_l: @re_sieber exactly, we should be very skeptical of discourses that tell us to give up our right to privacy #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:08pm @aga_l Painfully aware of that, although we live in maternal society here so we have more trust in gov. Trust misplaced? #geowebchat

peterajohnson 12:08pm @re_sieber default setting should be privacy, gov should support this. If individuals want to dial back privacy, their choice #geowebchat

aga_l 12:09pm @AndrewShears @peterajohnson not as simple as ‘opt-in’ / ‘opt-out’ e.g. what about where you don’t have the option to opt-out? #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:09pm @AndrewShears @peterajohnson Not sure that’s a useful division if people don’t know what they’re opting out *from* [+] #geowebchat

jlabove 12:09pm Hypothetical man picking nose on bus. Public bus? Quasi-public? Am I entitled to take photo & geotag it? Should he expect that? #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:10pm @AndrewShears @peterajohnson researchers are still figuring out what sorts of questions one CAN ask – how should a user know? #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:10pm @re_sieber @jlabove Agreed we shouldn’t concede. Must demand there be good reason & rationale. + trusted oversight of some kind #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:10pm @joeeckert @peterajohnson Or even why they would choose to opt-out… does common user know what data is used for? #geowebchat (added hash)

aga_l 12:10pm @AndrewShears @peterajohnson e.g. StreetView: it’s very difficult to ‘opt-out’ of being imaged by the streetview vehicle #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:10pm @aga_l or, to further complicate things, where you’ve opted out in one location, but get mined in another (klout, girls around) #geowebchat

peterajohnson 12:10pm @joeeckert excellent point – it is often not clear at the start what one is signing up for with a certain service. Or it changes #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:11pm @aga_l But we cannot live in a society wo giving up privacy. How much? Is this a precautionary principle vv tech? #geowebchat

alogicalfallacy 12:11pm @mappingmashups is there *any* organization or individual that could provide trusted oversight for the geoweb? I’m doubtful. #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:11pm @aga_l @peterajohnson Agreed! I remember when streetview first came out, license plates and faces weren’t blurred. #geowebchat

jlabove 12:11pm Who do we trust/allow/legitimise to look/tag/map? The state? Other collectivities? Is the a dominant version of public here? #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:12pm @aga_l @AndrewShears @peterajohnson or situations where it is extremely disadvantageous to opt out (e.g. business owner on yelp) #geowebchat

aga_l 12:12pm @peterajohnson or remember ‘Locationgate’ involving iPhones (and android to lesser extent) last year – opt-out proved futile! #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:12pm @alogicalfallacy @mappingmashups … you could say the same for the web in general (as many already have) #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:12pm @alogicalfallacy I have no idea what trusted oversight would look like. But I know when I have less of it (warrantless search) #geowebchat

jlabove 12:12pm @re_sieber @mappingmashups Not a concession, but aren’t we making the virtual world based on what we live/know/experience? #geowebchat

peterajohnson 12:13pm Streetview is a great example – tech capability moves faster than legislators can react. Google asked forgiveness not permiss. #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:14pm @alogicalfallacy I don’t think that excuses us from trying. we use gov’t oversight to check other branches already. why not try? #geowebchat

alogicalfallacy 12:14pm As a group, are folks more concerned with government or private industry intrusion/exploitation/etc.? #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:14pm I want to start a privacy-heavy version of 4sq + digital travel journal. No startup money for something that doesn’t mine data. #geowebchat

aga_l 12:14pm @re_sieber I agree some loss of privacy inevitable, but think that the social contract around privacy is being eroded & attacked #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:15pm @alogicalfallacy @mappingmashups We could at least try a crowdsourced trusted monitoring service. #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:16pm @aga_l @re_sieber Does that happen because this particular social contract is so fuzzy to so many people in the 1st place? #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:16pm @alogicalfallacy both. they function in different ways and protect self-interests with different modes. they’re interrelated. #geowebchat

peterajohnson 12:16pm @aga_l agreed – but who is responsible for buttressing privacy? Gov or individual? Both? Can a gov blanket policy work? #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:17pm @alogicalfallacy Fundamental question. Both? Given Google’s, Twitter’s concessions to nation-states, the lines blur. #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:17pm @re_sieber Is crowdsourced really the best option? See Wikipedia and its anti-intellectual (and other) bias…. #geowebchat

aga_l 12:17pm @AndrewShears no I think that it’s about a v. troubling discourse that proclaims to us that ‘privacy is (already) dead’ and… #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:18pm @re_sieber not sure that’s viable? if the issue is “folks don’t know,” why source those folks? #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:18pm Examples of non-geo web laws about cookies & “do not track” policies. Do they work, or break functionality? guardian.co.uk/technology/201… #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:18pm @AndrewShears @aga_l YES. I think tech is upending social contract. Think lack of etiquette on cellphones. #geowebchat

aga_l 12:18pm @AndrewShears …we should be concerned w/ where these proclamations are coming from – mainly, corporations e.g. Facebook, Apple #geowebchat

alogicalfallacy 12:19pm @aga_l In a lot of ways, EULA have become the means by which privacy is governed and that’s *really* troubling. #geowebchat

aga_l 12:19pm @mappingmashups aren’t these proposals mostly about third-party cookies and tracking? i.e., main app/site can still install #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:20pm @AndrewShears Granted. But how do we marshall oversight of vast amts of loc data/data mining/rapid changes otherwise? #geowebchat

peterajohnson 12:20pm @re_sieber funny how surveillance has changed over 40 years. Gov, was once big brother, is now the protector? #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:20pm @aga_l with other corporations countering to defend their business model (Google) — weird pol. economic tension rel. to law. #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:20pm @aga_l @re_seiber You both hit on similar points, despite answering in opposition! #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:21pm @peterajohnson gov was both big brother and protector — not sure if that status has changed, though visibility might have. #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:21pm @aga_l Yes, many are just abt main site. But I think it applies to geoweb cases: if ppl approve 4sq but not Girls Around Me… #geowebchat

aga_l 12:21pm @AndrewShears @re_seiber not in opposition at all! I agree w/ @re_seiber #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:21pm @re_sieber What about public education? I do wonder why privacy advocates aren’t doing more public education to wider audiences. #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:21pm @joeeckert Poss gov best source 4 privacy protection. However, Canada, as example, can’t keep up & doesn’t have pwr vv Google. #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:22pm @aga_l I meant with the yes and no. :-) #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:23pm @joeeckert Do we need gov leg. to protect us from corporate privacy invasions, and corp solutions to protect us from spying gov? #geowebchat

peterajohnson 12:23pm @re_sieber @joeeckert gov through courts set laws surrounding privacy, so yes, gov is channel of response to privacy erosion #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:24pm @aga_l @AndrewShears Even though I’m educ ab this, I’m still shocked at correct inferences made ab me bc of data mining #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:24pm @mappingmashups or academics could work on this. ;) #geowebchat

peterajohnson 12:24pm also, much potential individual action against corporate invasion of privacy would proceed through courts, so gov involved. #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:24pm @joeeckert Academics and hackers to the rescue… I guess we’re screwed. #geowebchat

peterajohnson 12:25pm @mappingmashups it is a twisted web, isn’t it! #geowebchat

alogicalfallacy 12:25pm RT @mappingmashups: @joeeckert Academics and hackers to the rescue… I guess were screwed. #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:25pm @peterajohnson What about diff govt responses to privacy, even between UK, US, Can? Global problem but state-based solutions? #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:25pm RT @re_sieber: @aga_l @AndrewShears Even tho Im educ ab this, Im still shocked @ correct inferences made ab me bc of data mining #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:26pm @mappingmashups and the punchline: flipping hackers and academics with research $$$ seems remarkably easy #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:26pm Why should privacy be something we have to work so hard, and become so anal about, to protect? #geowebchat

peterajohnson 12:26pm @AndrewShears yes, oft cited case of Japan (yes) and Switz (no) asking for changes to camera height in streetview. #geowebchat

aga_l 12:27pm @AndrewShears huge differences, Sarah Elwood and I talk extensively about this in our Geoforum paper (2011) bit.ly/yZd7C3 #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:27pm @joeeckert Indeed. Or just winning over the hackers and academics (and everybody else) with cool and fun apps. #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:27pm Over yrs, I’ve had students conduct surveys on loc privacy. Generational divide. “Kids these days” don’t care #geowebchat #curmudgeon

peterajohnson 12:28pm @mappingmashups except those academics funded by the NGA www1.nga.mil/Pages/default… #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:28pm @peterajohnson not sure that should be the sole avenue, but def. an important one. law protects both priv & biz though. tension. #geowebchat

peterajohnson 12:28pm @AndrewShears because privacy and personal info is valuable. #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:29pm @re_sieber Yes, the generational diffs (and apparently gender, etc) r fascinating. Is it role of academics to be curmudgeons? #geowebchat

aga_l 12:29pm @mappingmashups @joeeckert and these apps increasingly operate on the assumption that we are willing to give up our loc privacy #geowebchat

aga_l 12:30pm @mappingmashups @joeeckert e.g. #highlight (highlig.ht) and the rise of ‘ambient social networking’ #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:31pm @mappingmashups Speaking of apps, does Brin’s recent claim that apps screwing web apply? Apps kill privacy, web could save it? #geowebchat

sarahmprz 12:31pm @mappingmashups not curmudgeons, educators! To make young people aware of the implications of their choices #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:31pm Education prob bc Web 2.0 seen as free. But if it’s free then we (our loc) r the product. How do you make that take-away stick? #geowebchat

sarahmprz 12:32pm I think it’s ignorance, not negligence that makes ‘kids these days’ expose so much seemingly private info #geowebchat

aga_l 12:32pm @AndrewShears problem is the rise of the mobile web, which is app based (where we use apps to interact w/ web content) #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:32pm @mappingmashups Academia is gateway to becoming #curmudgeon. Welcome to the tribe #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:33pm @aga_l @joeeckert Yes, the recent article about the “death of the check-in” assumes ambient/passive sharing readwriteweb.com/archives/prono… #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:33pm @mappingmashups @re_sieber did you pick up anything on *why* they don’t care? i guess that’s the bit that confuses me. #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:33pm @aga_l Without the “walled gardens” of apps owned by corp entities, would a more open web lead to more privacy? #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:34pm @AndrewShears @mappingmashups I feel hesitant touting Google founder as evangelist for openness or personal privacy. #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:35pm Of course, there’re anti-anonymity policies from Fb, G+, 4sq. Personhood is a requirement, so shared info connected to bodies. #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:35pm @AndrewShears @aga_l Or has the web already been “enclosed”? All our time on the web takes place in FB and Gmail, right? ;) #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:36pm My inital reax 2! RT @re_sieber @mappingmashups Hesitant touting Google founder as evangelist for openness or personal privacy. #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:36pm @AndrewShears @aga_l …if you believe the death of the cyberflaneur by @evgenymorozov nytimes.com/2012/02/05/opi… #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:36pm @AndrewShears @aga_l not likely: open can be mined just as, if not more easily. open/closed important, but not the solution. #geowebchat

peterajohnson 12:36pm @AndrewShears agreed – without real identities to mine, why bother knowing where “iluvbunnies22@hotmail.com” is. #geowebchat

rushgeo 12:36pm @mappingmashups I think that’s the case. Even without apps as the front-end, we’re giving data to the same corporations #geowebchat

CraigMDalton 12:37pm @joeeckert @mappingmashups @re_sieber #geowebchat it ales makes me wonder of location is on their radar compared to other kinds of privacy

AndrewShears 12:37pm @joeeckert @aga_l But an open can, can be better patrolled (and allows for anonymity) #geowebchat

aga_l 12:37pm @sarahmprz teens really care about privacy but participating online outweighs the loss of privacy bit.ly/ibd8uM #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:37pm @joeeckert @mappingmashups Fund question. V diffic to ans bc requires self-reflection. Ans: won’t affect me now; loc apps conven #geowebchat

aga_l 12:38pm @AndrewShears ok, but if it’s being “patrolled,” then is it “open”? #geowebchat

alogicalfallacy 12:38pm @peterajohnson @AndrewShears – I don’t have to know your actual name to know (and hence manipulate) your consumption patterns. #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:38pm @re_sieber are you saying students have difficulty with self-reflection? ;) #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:39pm @aga_l @Andrewshear and patrolled by whom? law’s not up to snuff, gov’t builds spy cities in utah, etc. so multifaceted! #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:39pm Loss of anonymity is esp disturbing, since pseudonym usage dates 1000s of yrs (says the guy whose twitter handle is his name) #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:40pm @aga_l Good point. I meant patrolled against data mining and exploitation, but you’re right, open is open. #geowebchat

aga_l 12:40pm @CraigMDalton b/c of the convergence of location w/ content, we can’t still separate out loc privacy from other online privacy #geowebchat

peterajohnson 12:40pm @CraigMDalton makes me ask if there is a privacy backlash brewing in the next 5 years? #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:41pm @CraigMDalton @joeeckert We’ve found opposite. Digital natives exhibitionists; digital immigrants paranoid. #geowebchat

peterajohnson 12:41pm @AndrewShears there is value for us to use real name – being public in this way is part of our work (and fun). #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:41pm @aga_l @sarahmprz Another article about moral panics & how youth are really quite savvy abt online privacy firstmonday.org/htbin/cgiwrap/… #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:41pm @CraigMDalton the “digital native” discourse has some serious breaks w/@zephoria’s work with teens. not sure it breaks so easily #geowebchat

CraigMDalton 12:42pm @peterajohnson #geowebchat a privacy backlash would be a sight to see

joeeckert 12:42pm @re_sieber anectdotally, i suspect there’s a middle generational period…involved with the prev. computer vs. appliance debate. #geowebchat

CraigMDalton 12:43pm @aga_l #geowebchat that’s fair- location is but one criteria for ad-targeting

AndrewShears 12:43pm @peterajohnson That’s true. I’ve met more folks at AAG bc of Twitter than anything else. Would not have happened with anonymity. #geowebchat

rushgeo 12:43pm @peterajohnson some pretty limited backlash, with alternatives like duckduckgo for people who don’t want searches tracked #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:43pm @peterajohnson moreover, i wonder if in 5 years it will be too late? the databases will already cover an entire generation. #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:44pm @AndrewShears @peterajohnson Even before social media, if you’re relying on anonymity at something like AAG yr doing it wrong #geowebchat

aga_l 12:44pm @peterajohnson @AndrewShears but gender politics to online anonymity e.g. not wanting to have a fem-sounding handle #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:45pm @mappingmashups @peterajohnson I meant Twitter/online anonymity! :-D #geowebchat

peterajohnson 12:46pm re: backlash. Wouldn’t be surprised to see people generally ‘unplugging’ in the future as they realize real time > screen time #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:46pm @aga_l and as long as we’re going there, cisgendered as well. anonymity gave a means to play with gender expression. #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:46pm @joeeckert @peterajohnson See SF book Light of Other Days for speculation on radical lack of privacy and its backlash #geowebchat

aga_l 12:46pm I think that there are already loc. privacy backlashes – esp. in countries outside the US w/ other governance mechanisms #geowebchat

aga_l 12:48pm re: backlash, also, consumer pressures – one of the most effective ways to get companies to react, e.g. apple & lctngate last yr #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:48pm @peterajohnson I think we could have a whole chat about unplugging, digital sabbaths, etc. Already people talk about it a ton #geowebchat

joeeckert 12:48pm @aga_l and yet somewhat beholden to US law that governs the companies capturing data; particularly property law related to data #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:48pm @aga_l That’s more a symptom than the larger problem. God knows both web and geoweb are sexist media bc of culture that created. #geowebchat

alogicalfallacy 12:49pm @mappingmashups Unplugging and its very possibility could be a fun future chat. Saw some good talks on it at #ttw12. #geowebchat

aga_l 12:49pm @AndrewShears totally disagree! web and media just as active in (re)producing culture as culture creates it! #geowebchat

AndrewShears 12:49pm It bugs me that the easiest time to unplug (while traveling) is the time I want to check-in on 4sq the most! #geowebchat

sarahmprz 12:50pm @mappingmashups @peterajohnson But when would we ever be unplugged, considering projects like this one? bit.ly/y5vdUu #geowebchat

rushgeo 12:50pm I wonder if a building privacy backlash could lead to the broader use of TOR and anonymous-friendly networks. #geowebchat

peterajohnson 12:50pm @mappingmashups ‘digital sabbath’. Hah, great term! Even if people don’t unplug, e-time becoming more protected. #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:51pm My fave scary story abt unplugging is case where NOT bringing your phone w/ you is considered suspicious: guardian.co.uk/education/2007… #geowebchat

rushgeo 12:51pm I suppose to clarify, anonymity-friendly networks, not #anonymous #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:52pm @mappingmashups @peterajohnson Isn’t that a bit ironic to tweet for an hour ab unplugging, digital sabbaths? #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:53pm @alogicalfallacy Jealous you were at #TtW12. Didn’t follow the hashtag, I was unplugged at the time ;) #geowebchat

CraigMDalton 12:54pm @mappingmashups #geowebchat- that’s important – the expectation of being connected. I’ve talked to teen facing peer pressure to be connected

re_sieber 12:54pm F B I now considering mild encryption, anonymity suspect. Soon also obscuring loc #geowebchat

alogicalfallacy 12:54pm @mappingmashups Maybe next year? It’s a *long* trip for you, though. Most sessions have archived video as well. #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:55pm @re_sieber @peterajohnson Hmm. Would it be less ironic to have a #geowebchat island retreat off the grid, then talk about it? Who’s in?

joeeckert 12:56pm @mappingmashups oooh, oooh! can we do friday harbor? that sounds like it could be way fun. #geowebchat

CraigMDalton 12:57pm @mappingmashups @re_sieber @peterajohnson #geowebchat If it’s an island in the NW I’m in- Friday Harbor perhaps?

joeeckert 12:58pm off to teach. thanks, gang! totally off-topic, but are any of you also seeing increases in spambots following you after these? #geowebchat

re_sieber 12:58pm @CraigMDalton @mappingmashups Most acute in Japan w Keitai culture. Don’t know if this extends to need-to-always-know-loc too #geowebchat

mappingmashups 12:59pm @CraigMDalton @re_sieber @peterajohnson From #geowebchat to #geowebchatcamp? I’m around the PNW most of summer, just follow my check-ins.

re_sieber 1:00pm @mappingmashups @CraigMDalton @peterajohnson I’ll be in Seattle for MSR Faculty Summit mid-July #geowebchat

mappingmashups 1:00pm Good points about encryption, @rushgeo and @re_sieber. Privacy and anonymity sometimes go together, sometimes at cross purposes. #geowebchat

mappingmashups 1:01pm Okay, so a #geowebchat IRL (love to hate that term) could actually happen! let’s keep chatting. For now, we’re at the end of our hour…

aga_l 1:02pm have to run but thanks as always for organizing + moderating @mappingmashups #geowebchat

alogicalfallacy 1:03pm Thanks for organizing @mappingmashups and if I learned one thing this chat, it’s to replace my profile picture with real pic :) #geowebchat

mappingmashups 1:03pm Next #geowebchat is in two weeks, May 1. Same time. @re_sieber will be our guest host. Then after that on May 15 will be @AndrewShears.

mappingmashups 1:04pm Thanks to @re_sieber and @AndrewShears for volunteering as #geowebchat hosts… if anyone else wants to give it a try, let me know!

rushgeo 1:05pm @mappingmashups Thanks for organizing! Glad I caught the last half today. #geowebchat

mappingmashups 1:06pm @alogicalfallacy Yes, a real photo is crucial for stalking you at conferences. Or on the Girls Around Me app. #geowebchat

mappingmashups 1:07pm Thanks to everybody for chatting today. As always I’ll post the transcript in a few days at: mappingmashups.net/geowebchat/ #geowebchat

mappingmashups 1:23pm RT @joeeckert: the guardian channelling Zittrain: guardian.co.uk/technology/ser… think the walled garden issue is the geo-elephant in room #geowebchat

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