Next #geowebchat: disciplinary perspectives on the Geoweb

In our very first #geowebchat, we tried to define what “the geospatial web” actually is: what technologies, practices, and populations constitute the geoweb, and how can we define its boundaries as an object of study within the discipline of Geography? Yet, the technologies and phenomena that we include as parts of the geoweb (such as web mapping tools, mobile computing, user-generated content, social media, etc.) have been approached from a variety of other disciplines, such as Digital Humanities, Communications, and Computer Science, to name a few. Even within Geography, geoweb researchers have drawn from diverse backgrounds such as Internet Geography, Spatial Data Infrastructures, and PGIS/PPGIS. What can be learned from this diversity of approaches? How might we integrate these divergent perspectives?

In this #geowebchat, we invite researchers and practitioners from a range of fields to discuss their approaches to geoweb research. Or, as @re_sieber put it more provocatively: “Who ‘owns’ the geoweb?” What discipline is (or should be) home to geoweb research? Alternatively, what are the advantages and challenges to a multidisciplinary approach to geoweb studies?

Please join us to discuss these questions on Tuesday July 3 at 12pm PDT (3pm EDT, 8pm BST) on twitter at the hashtag #geowebchat. Everyone is welcome, and please forward this invitation to anyone working in any field who might find this chat relevant.

Here is the link to the announcement tweet. Please retweet!

For more information about our biweekly geowebchats, read here.

Looking forward to chatting with you.


the transcript of the chat

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