#geowebchat transcript, 3 July 2012

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@mappingmashups 12:00pm Today on #geowebchat we’re talking about different disciplines’ approaches to the geoweb (or at least that’s what we call it in Geography)

@re_sieber 12:01pm On our topic, who owns the geoweb? Why not me? (I hear a trademark calling) #geowebchat #neogeoweb

@mappingmashups 12:01pm Welcome everybody fitting this #geowebchat in between Canada Day and 4th of July (and to our non-N.American participants)!

@mappingmashups 12:02pm @re_sieber Well, maybe you (or “we”, the geogs) can own the “geoweb”, and let everybody else call it something else? #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:03pm I’ve invited ppl from lots of disciplines (not to force anybody into boxes) that deal broadly w/ the web and spatial issues… #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:04pm … Spatial Digital Humanities, Augmented Reality, Cyberinfrastructures, etc etc. Not sure who’s showed up. How else is here? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:04pm Follows a similar dilema in univ’s on who owns GIS teaching? Planning, eng, geog #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 12:05pm I really enjoyed the #polisNEH and #uclaDH hashtags last week. They were talking a lot about “deep” maps. What are those? #geowebchat

@peterajohnson 12:05pm “own” is a loaded term – some aspects of the geoweb dominated by industry, academia, others wide open to cs, etc…. #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:05pm @re_sieber That brings up a good nuance: a subject may fall into one camp for teaching, and another for research/publishing… #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:06pm Who gets to own geoweb mean who gets $$, like univ resources. Thus DH gets boost from Spatial Humanities #geowebchat

@peterajohnson 12:07pm @re_sieber I think the comparison to GIS is good – lots of effort spent to solidify the geog dept. grasp on GIS. Right move? #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:07pm @mattmoehr There’s certainly a “spatial turn” in a lot of fields, and where it meets the digital or “big data” turn = geoweb? #geowebchat

@peterajohnson 12:07pm Perhaps we should ask if GIS ownership in geog dept is a good example to follow for geoweb? #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:08pm @mattmoehr We debated exactly that; our gdoc has some references, I’ll post separately #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:08pm @mappingmashups @re_sieber @peterajohnson with “GIS” though, at least diff. disciplines are all talking about the same ‘thing’ #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 12:08pm @GabrielHankins #geowebchat. Great, I was just looking for that…

@re_sieber 12:09pm @mappingmashups @mattmoehr maps are such a powerful metaphor, whether geographic or spatial (e.g., social network analysis) #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 12:09pm #geowebchat RT @GabrielHankins: @mattmoehr we debated “deep maps” at the following gdoc, for #ucladh docs.google.com/document/d/15p…

@agaleszczynski 12:09pm @mappingmashups @re_sieber @peterajohnson “spatial/digital humanities,” “geoweb”, “LBS”, etc. are not equivalent in the same way #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:09pm @agaleszczynski Very good point. Currently the def’n of the geoweb is at stake… the “winners” will write the def’n. #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:10pm Yes: actually if we could disambiguate those, would be helpful… #geowebchat

@peterajohnson 12:11pm @mappingmashups I feel like we are planting a flag on antarctica or something here…maybe we need a broad tent of spatial tech? #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:11pm Do folks want to offer brief disciplinary def’ns? #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:12pm @mattmoehr @GabrielHankins “Deep maps” looks like Geog’s definition of “GIS/2″ from the 90s. Some think the geoweb could be it. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:12pm @mappingmashups @agaleszczynski the winners of geoweb are definitely priv sector. R we just playing catchup? Refit of research? #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:13pm original defn of ‘geoweb’ comes from Scharl & Tochterman I think? term designated attribution of geog info to Web content #geowebchat

@ge01d 12:14pm @peterajohnson there’s $ in geoweb, like GIS. Looks good to admins, so helps depts? Brings in issues of techs vs. academics #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:14pm @GabrielHankins Geogs might say the geoweb is: the social and technological networks of georeferenced data online. #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:14pm #spatialDH: a set of folks within interdisciplinary conversation of DH interested in GIS+ approaches (Bodenhamer 2010) #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:15pm Geoweb Integrative, discovble collectn of geog rel web services &data that spans mult jurisdictions & geographic regions-Lake #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:15pm @agaleszczynski @mappingmashups great, that’s very helpful #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:16pm @agaleszczynski And that asocial definition from Scharl & T (and Lake) is current in industry, perhaps. #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:16pm @re_sieber so is #geoweb inherently open / discoverable? amenable to mashups? #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 12:16pm As for defn, I don’t think there’s anything in sociology. They probably just see it as a type of survey instrument…. :( #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:17pm but does anyone outside of acad. geog. actually use “geoweb”? I’ve never come across it in my non-geog reading on the subject #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:17pm We have a very different set of approaches here at the #ucladh seminar- using @hypercities and Neatline (neatline.org) #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:17pm Goodchild (2007) and Maguire et al (2008) consider it the intersection of geospatial awareness and Web 2.0 #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:18pm Which are somewhat fenced-in mashup tools for geospatial argumentation, in conjunction with texts and archives #geowebchat

@ge01d 12:18pm @GabrielHankins I think that’s the goal a lot of people have; lots of sites/progs designed to welcome the public (not w/o issue) #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 12:19pm @GabrielHankins Could it be said that #spatialDH is about putting meaning into, and geoweb more abt getting meaning out? #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:19pm @agaleszczynski Possibly the term has fallen out of use outside academia. Witness demise of GeoWeb conf. geowebconference.com #geowebchat

@Geoteq 12:19pm @agaleszczynski I believe isn’t only the content of GEO but the whole idea of resources (tools, prots, data) on the internet #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:19pm @mattmoehr sociology view of geoweb as instrument sim to LBS: phones as data collection instruments #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:20pm @mappingmashups @agaleszczynski geoweb is still moniker of @geowankers so still much in use in priv sector (cf VGI) #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:20pm @re_sieber Interesting. We had an issue here on mapping a Hopi sacred space, which we needed to *hide* from the public #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:21pm @GabrielHankins Do these #spatialDH apps _need_ the web? Could these have been done w/ GIS before #geoweb? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:21pm @Geoteq @agaleszczynski Could be who owns the what of geoweb (data, apps/apis, adoption/deployment process, research/teaching)? #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:22pm @mattmoehr Perhaps, though they were linked activities, and we’ve spent a lot of time putting data in #ucladh #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:22pm @mappingmashups Yes, I think so, at least the baselayer APIs from OpenStreetMap/google – #geowebchat

@Geoteq 12:23pm @agaleszczynski I think Geoweb is a concept more tech than merely classifying data. Web means browser n Internet means protocol #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:24pm @GabrielHankins On hiding sacred spaces: 4 us geographers too but we view it from a landscape priv context (cf performative) #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:25pm @mappingmashups I had some issue with “deep maps” as a blanket term as well #geowebchat

@Geoteq 12:25pm @re_sieber It’s a good point and I think you’re right. It really depends on who owns. #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:25pm @mattmoehr The Q of meaning in/out is interesting. Geoweb = lots of public data, but analysis is mostly in ivory tower. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:26pm @Geoteq @agaleszczynski Yes, geoweb a tech concept but still embeds ideology of Web 2.0 good&bad&performative #geowebchat

@peterajohnson 12:27pm @mappingmashups aren’t users analyzing a geoweb site/data by viewing it and drawing conclusions? #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 12:27pm @mappingmashups I spend so much time harvesting, cleaning data, I don’t think abt creating/digitizing sources. #spatialDH #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:28pm @re_sieber Yes; the Web 2.0 triumphalism seems dangerous; @re_sieber could you expand “landscape priv context”? #geowebchat

@rushgeo 12:28pm @mappingmashups Critical analysis may be domain of ivory tower (for now), but geoweb data also in use by marketers & news orgs #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:29pm @re_sieber I don’t think of geoweb as a “tech concept” at all – of the neologisms out there it’s one of the least techy #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:29pm @peterajohnson Yes, true, of course they are. That’s where geoweb is better term than VGI, I suppose. Allows users more agency. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:30pm @GabrielHankins expand “landscape priv context” in 140 chars? Challenge of Twitter #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:30pm @re_sieber e.g. “Where 2.0,” “LBS,” “geowikis” – to me these are all much more instrumentalist/techy #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:30pm For folks interested in #spatialDH you might look to spatial.scholarslab.org for a summary by Jo Guldi #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 12:30pm @rushgeo @mappingmashups “data journalism” is supposed to save journalism, right? Most common articles are …. [1/2] #geowebchat

@mdanganh 12:30pm #geowebchat also for linguists&media studies/communications geoweb is interesting: ppl do georefs by language use in mobile media(+lbs,iot)

@mattmoehr 12:31pm putting geo-ref’d data onto maps (e.g. crime stats) and doing textual analysis on big corpus like court records. [2/2] #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:31pm @mappingmashups @peterajohnson geoweb is better term than VGI bc it allows users more agency. Probably why I’m drawn to it #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:31pm @re_sieber exactly! I think existing “spatial humanities” conversation is limited by lack of conversations like these #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:32pm Academics tend to remain cloistered until we need to “visualize” product – great need for critical and tech. conversation #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:32pm @mdanganh Challenge for linguists, others in using geoweb is to move past points #geowebchat

@mia_out 12:34pm @GabrielHankins @mappingmashups ‘deep maps’ not meant as a blanket term at #PolisNEH rather something extra to ‘normal’ mapping #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:34pm @mattmoehr Here we could bring in critiques of datavis (like paleogeographers’ crits amateur maps not being “real” analysis) #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:34pm @agaleszczynski LBS? good to see you @mia_out #geowebchat

@mia_out 12:35pm @mappingmashups @GabrielHankins the question of ‘could this have been without a map’ came up a lot at #PolisNEH #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:35pm @GabrielHankins “Location Based Services” #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:35pm @GabrielHankins I’m working w DH, #SpatialDH now to ontologically model spc/time in early Engl lit. There is movemt past points #geowebchat

@mia_out 12:36pm This! MT @agaleszczynski: but does anyone outside of acad. geog. actually use “geoweb”? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:37pm @GabrielHankins makingpublics.org Most of it’s behind firewall #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:38pm @re_sieber Brilliant! We should talk: we are working on a piece on the “commons”. I agree on points. Phil Ethington has … #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:38pm some interesting work he’s done on this in LA area: hypercities.com/blog/2009/07/3… #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 12:38pm So I’m hearing potential owners: DH, librarians, datavis (journos or more broadly?), acad. geogs, private sector. Missing any? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:40pm @GabrielHankins And that’s why these interdisc #geowebchat conversations so important. DM later

@mappingmashups 12:40pm @mattmoehr Well, those are the candidate owners who showed up today. :) And “private sector” is quite broad… #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:40pm We’re also discussing this at our “publication” seminar today #geowebchat docs.google.com/document/d/14T…

@mdanganh 12:40pm @re_sieber Can you explain further? You mean techy obstacles? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:41pm @mattmoehr Media/communications argue they have formative role in geoweb conversation Lawyers too #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 12:41pm @mappingmashups I was thinking priv. sector = app developers. #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:42pm I think all are welcome to contribute q’s if you have any for academic publishers doing multimodal pubs, also in @scalar #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:42pm @mattmoehr We don’t have anybody representing LBS / Augmented Reality / #ubicomp crew. They “own” turf that resembles #geoweb #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:43pm @mappingmashups Very interesting. We have some AR folks here, in Classics dept. actually : “Digital Karnak”and Roman Forum #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 12:44pm I have to run to late lunch, but thank you for the clarifications, and I’ll check the digest later. #ucladh #geowebchat

@spara 12:44pm I do work in AR #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:45pm @mdanganh cept Max Planck Inst 4Psycholinguistic, it’s mostly techie issues & pt geometry (Landscape in Lang, Mark et al 2011) #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:46pm @mattmoehr @mappingmashups Not at all–many in academia, civil society are apps developers #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:47pm @spara So what do AR types think of this thing we call #geoweb? Would they think we’re focused on the wrong questions? #geowebchat

@spara 12:48pm For AR devs, computer vision has become more important than geo #geowebchat

@spara 12:49pm Geoweb has been called ‘weak’ AR. Registration issues makes geo less effective in the AR realm #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:49pm RT @mia_out: @re_sieber @mattmoehr @mappingmashups and museums, archives, libraries (representing for my pre-PhD career) #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:50pm @spara Does that mean AR problems solved by eg ioS/tablets? Are AR Qs still dominated by tech or by usability engineering? #geowebchat

@spara 12:51pm There are lots of #solomo apps that use proximity, but my feeling is that it’s hit or miss #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:51pm @spara All our problems solved! Geoweb absorbed by the borg that is AR #geowebchat

@spara 12:52pm Here’s my keynote at Augmented Reality Event on serendipity sproke.blogspot.com/2012/05/are201… #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:53pm There’s also the more qual, cultural take on #AR from the likes of @cyborgology (what I would’ve called hybrid space instead) #geowebchat

@mdanganh 12:54pm @re_sieber Thanks for the literature. Tech & tools is defo an issue: how deep to go into it? what does one need, whats too much? #geowebchat

@spara 12:54pm #AR in its current incarnation is othering b/c holding phone up is just plain dorky. Google Glass is the current great hope. #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 12:54pm @mappingmashups @mia_out @re_sieber Any e.g. of museums linking with #geoweb DBs? Geonames, Flickr maybe? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:55pm @mdanganh That’s central question for #SpatialDH and Unsworth. How deep to go into tools & who will dev if not us? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:57pm @spara Funny how we all put our hope in big biz basket for geoweb, AR, LBS #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:57pm As we start to wrap up, does it seem like “owning” the geoweb is even necessary? Are we all working on separate (linked) facets? #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:58pm Why can’t AR keep working on their googles, librarians handle the archives, geogs specialize on spatial anal (or whatever)? #geowebchat

@bricker 12:58pm #geowebchat @spara what do you mean by “weak”? I understand AR to be one way to interact with and view Geoweb content

@re_sieber 12:58pm @mattmoehr @mappingmashups @mia_out Big Calif museum consortium dong geoweb; can’t remember name. Geonames big 4 Harv historians #geowebchat

@spara 12:59pm I think that’s whats happening – specialization, but access through APIs #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 12:59pm I would like #geoweb research (esp projects that aren’t jrn articles) to have more cred in academia. Ownership would help this. #geowebchat

@rushgeo 1:00pm @mappingmashups Might be the best way to go for now. Leave it to historians to decide after the fact what this era was doing #geowebchat

@bricker 1:00pm @mappingmashups #geowebchat keep working on those googles in collaboration with geographers and spatial and educational psychologists

@ge01d 1:00pm @mappingmashups “Ownership” issue is going to start coming up in university depts, want to be @ the table? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:00pm @mappingmashups Can’t use Rodney King (RIP) defence for splitting geoweb ownership. Ownership means resources #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 1:00pm @bricker Oh we forgot the psychologists! #geowebchat

@spara 1:01pm @bricker ‘weak’ means tied geospatially, #AR requires tighter registration to the world – e.g. buildings. GPS floats data #geowebchat

@mia_out 1:01pm @mappingmashups that’s how I’d put it! #geowebchat eg I work on crowdsourcing as participant digitisation and georeferencing, facet to VGI

@ge01d 1:01pm @re_sieber @mappingmashups exactly. #geowebchat

@spara 1:01pm @mappingmashups The psychogeographers are out there mapping emotion, smells, and sounds #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:02pm @ge01d @mappingmashups Geographers need to own at least part of geoweb. They’re vulnerable to losing plc @ table #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 1:02pm @re_sieber Except when cross-disciplinarity means resources. Trick is to be stable enough in own dept to grab for those funds. #geowebchat

@rushgeo 1:03pm @mattmoehr A discipline could decide to own piece of geoweb, but there’s still ivory tower issues to settle, public facing work #geowebchat

@bricker 1:03pm @spara #geowebchat ok, in that case, weak = nightmare

@mappingmashups 1:03pm @re_sieber @ge01d Is it too risky for geographers to try to be the mediator/translator in the middle of collaborative ventures? #geowebchat

@ge01d 1:03pm @re_sieber @mappingmashups Exactly! I kind of thought that’s what we were going to talk about today… #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 1:04pm @re_sieber @ge01d @mappingmashups I think undergrad capstone classes and grad school 1st year seminars need more #geoweb focus. #geowebchat

@mia_out 1:04pm @mattmoehr tie it into theory from other fields to help with that? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:04pm @mappingmashups We GIS/geowebers are not nec stable in our home dept of phys & human geog. We never quite fit #geowebchat

@spara 1:04pm @bricker yes, tackling issues of occlusion does become nightmarish #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 1:05pm @ge01d @re_sieber Maybe we returned to our key question a little bit late… time has run out for today! #geowebchat

@ge01d 1:05pm @mappingmashups @re_sieber Seems to depend on the school you’re @. How many Americans even know what Geog is, who wants to fund? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:05pm @mappingmashups @ge01d That’s separate conversation: should geographers umpire the geoweb? #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 1:06pm As always, continue chatting as long as you all like. Transcript will be up shortly. Next chat is same time, July 17. #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 1:06pm @mia_out funny you mention that; was just thinking about the theory backgrounds of different “owners”. E.g. Foucault vs. Latour #geowebchat

@ge01d 1:07pm @mappingmashups I mean, mediating prob means geog gets pushed aside. Geoweb could help some depts gain cred (w/admin, public)? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:09pm @mattmoehr @mia_out Latour probably loves the geoweb. Perfect ex of co-production and truth holding when enuf ppl adopt/crowdsrc #geowebchat

@ge01d 1:09pm @re_sieber @mappingmashups Different from where this conv. went, but not diff. from original topic as I read it. #geowebchat

@ge01d 1:10pm @re_sieber @mappingmashups Though probably less accessible to other disciplines. #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 1:10pm @ge01d Is geoweb really a path to $? It’s sexier than GIS, but less job prospects for students, no fancy software licenses. #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 1:11pm @re_sieber right. Tho I was wondering abt how students in dif discplins read dif authors; thus making #geoweb look dif to them. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:11pm @ge01d @mappingmashups see controversial history of GIScience (Wright et al in AAAG). Creds outside but not nec inside geog dept #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 1:11pm @ge01d I mean, as a path for departments to gain credibility w/ admin and public #geowebchat

@spara 1:11pm @mappingmashups I beg to differ, the number of geoweb jobs will be much larger than GIS #geowebchat

@ge01d 1:12pm @mappingmashups I imagine it’s similar to GIS in this way, tho stdnts cld v. easily go away from geo-based & end up programmers. #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 1:13pm @spara @mappingmashups But will be much looser credentialing. Thus geog depts can’t make something like GIS Certificates. #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 1:13pm @spara I agree with you, but I’m not sure if that’s obvious to fuddy-duddy administrators #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:13pm @mappingmashups @ge01d I can’t supply students to all the calls I get. Huge demand for geoweb dev’rs. Geog depts prduce them? Hm #geowebchat

@rushgeo 1:13pm @mappingmashups I could see it as a viable path for undergrads if geog depts made joint programs with data science & design #geowebchat

@ge01d 1:14pm @mappingmashups but either way, university gets to show job placement. *shrug* #geowebchat

@spara 1:15pm @mattmoehr Github accounts will replace certifications #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 1:15pm @spara How many GIS professors even know what github is? lulz. #geowebchat

@ge01d 1:16pm @mappingmashups If “geoweb” catches on, Americans (can’t speak for others) might hear of geog outside of memorizing place names? #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 1:16pm Apropos #geowebchat #spatialdh RT @kazys: someone asked (sorry! bad memory!) … is there a greatest hits of the digital humanities? #ucladh

@spara 1:17pm @mattmoehr Employers know about Github. It really is about a culture shift from ESRI to open source. #geowebchat

@ge01d 1:18pm @mappingmashups My thinking: admin & public want to know how you’ll make $ with it & what’s notable. I may be wrong. #geowebchat

@spara 1:19pm Highly geeky, but this applies to the geoweb thecodelesscode.com/case/35 #geowebchat

@GabrielHankins 1:19pm @mappingmashups @kazys greatest hits online? books? you might follow @dancohen @miriamkp et al. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:20pm @ge01d @mappingmashups Univ pressure to create patent/tech transfer. Runs counter to FLOSS, CC #geowebchat

@ge01d 1:21pm @re_sieber @mappingmashups I didn’t say it’s a great thing, but it’s a consideration. #geowebchat

@spara 1:22pm @re_sieber Once again, patents destroy the free market. Creating value by withholding information is a bad model. #geowebchat

@ge01d 1:23pm @mappingmashups Finally, I want people to stop thinking I’m a geologist, then be disappointed when I talk fire & twiter #geowebchat #selfish

@re_sieber 1:24pm @spara Agreed but univs push this on us. Geoweb app dev looks like a winner to tech transfer ppl #geowebchat

@spara 1:28pm @re_sieber Geoweb/open source can be a revenue center but it will take evangelists to kickstart the process #geowebchat

@ge01d 1:30pm @spara @re_sieber Who are the evangelists? Similar question to “ownership?” #geowebchat

@spara 1:32pm @ge01d Dunno, but they probably will come from outside academia. Maybe public-private ventures. Or univ. incubators. #geowebchat

@ge01d 1:33pm @spara @re_sieber Not to start the conversation again, but I think they are related questions. Maybe another time. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:33pm @ge01d @spara Who are the geoweb evangelists? All the 20-somethings @ Where 2.0? #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 1:34pm Good for #geowebchat, #sheepcamp RT @JMWJMWJMW: A wiki collection of useful tools for #digitalresearch and creation: bit.ly/LNLzJt.

@re_sieber 1:36pm That’s it for me for #geowebchat. In 2 weeks, during MS research faculty summit #geowebchat

@ge01d 1:36pm @re_sieber @spara One thing to use, another thing to research, as pointed out by someone else, I think. Tho $ can bring interest #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 1:54pm RT @samkinsley: @mappingmashups Ed book by @berrydm on digital humanities: palgrave.com/products/title… & UCL unit: ucl.ac.uk/dh #geowebchat

@mia_out 2:43pm @mattmoehr @mappingmashups @re_sieber I’ll have a think re GLAMand location/geo. Our Internet died so I missed the end of #geowebchat

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