Next #geowebchat: ESRI and GeoIQ: Strange Bedfellows?

There was big news in the geoweb last week as GeoIQ announced it would be joining ESRI (“Building from the Inside: GeoIQ joins Esri”). As an early innovator in free geoweb mapping and analysis tools, and the steward of an extensive repository of free crowdsourced data at GeoCommons, GeoIQ might seem like an odd match for ESRI, the preeminent producer of proprietary desktop GIS software.

Reactions on the internet have been mixed, with some arguing that the two companies are an obvious match (“GeoIQ & Esri”), while others give more dire analyses (“Esri Eliminates GeoIQ”) (“It’s Never Been Harder to Make Money in GIS: The Sobering Economic Backdrop to the ESRI/GeoIQ Deal”)

In our next #geowebchat, we will discuss the implications of the deal for the future of the geoweb. Will ESRI move further toward providing free tools and open data on the web? Was this deal a cynical move driven by tough economic conditions in the geospatial field? Will GeoCommons survive ESRI’s ownership? What does this foretell for other open source and open data geoweb projects and companies? What are the implications for academics and government agencies on the geoweb?

Join us for a discussion on Tuesday July 17, at 12pm PDT (3pm EDT, 8pm BST) on twitter at the hashtag #geowebchat. For more information about our biweekly geowebchats, read here.

Here is the announcement tweet for re-tweeting:

We look forward to chatting with you!


the transcript of the chat

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