#geowebchat transcript, 7 August 2012

@burnsr77 Aug 06, 11:45am @AndrewShears @mappingmashups @re_sieber tomorrow’s ‘big data’ #geowebchat led by yours truly! :)

@burnsr77 Aug 06, 11:50am reminder to all that the ‘big data’ #geowebchat tomorrow 12p PST. my initial thoughts: bit.ly/M6obUg

@re_sieber Aug 06, 3:11pm BTW, #geowebchat is our ~biweekly tweetchat ab all things geospatial web 2.0, ie intersection of location, social media, apps, hardware&data

@re_sieber Aug 06, 3:11pm Everyone welcome to join in #geowebchat. Not just for geographers.

@re_sieber 11:19am In prep for #geowebchat on #bigdata in 40 minutes, radar.oreilly.com/2012/08/big-da… from @acroll

@geographiliac 11:58am excited for my first #geowebchat in months. this time hosted by @burnsr77 on #bigdata

@burnsr77 12:02pm Hello everyone, welcome to #geowebchat ! Today’s topic: big data

@burnsr77 12:03pm for those of you who are new, tweetchat.com/room/geowebchat is a good way to participate, as well as twitterfall.com #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:04pm Hi everybody! Still working my way thru the “big data as civil rights issue” article @re_sieber posted: radar.oreilly.com/2012/08/big-da… #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:04pm shoutout 2 #bigdata, which is very different from other types of data. Not just matter of volume and origin (eg in astronomy) #geowebchat

@JessiBreen 12:05pm @mappingmashups I thought that article was pretty thought provoking. #geowebchat

@burnsr77 12:05pm @mappingmashups yep, there’s that article and the one i forwarded on a while back: bit.ly/M6obUg #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:06pm #bigdata is ab being awash in a sea of data, looking @ clusters & inferences. Really isn’t ab “why” but “what” #geowebchat

@burnsr77 12:06pm @JessiBreen @mappingmashups it touches on previous geowebchat topics, specifically privacy #geowebchat

@CraigMDalton 12:07pm @JessiBreen @mappingmashups #geowebchat it reminds me of Eli Pariser’s Filter Bubble, though this article has a better civil-rights edge

@burnsr77 12:08pm @re_sieber: good point, and 1 i’m concerned w/. is that a justification for studies *of* big data? e.g.,how it came abt and why? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:08pm @JessiBreen @mappingmashups had discussion w @acroll ab his article. #bigdata as civil rts comes from members of civil rts mvmt #geowebchat

@JessiBreen 12:09pm @CraigMDalton Just added it to my reading list. Thanks! #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:10pm @re_sieber But isn’t there so much #bigdata that is not necessarily personally-identifiable? Is #bigdata the best term here? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:11pm @burnsr77 1st, most ‘studies’ of social media #bigdata aren’t from university; they’re from priv sector #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:11pm @re_sieber …I mean, the best term when discussing the civil rights (or perhaps “civil liberties”) aspects? #geowebchat

@CraigMDalton 12:12pm @burnsr77 #geowebchat I liked your blog post- part of that situating work is also historical how the geoweb came to be

@re_sieber 12:12pm @burnsr77 @mappingmashups 2. Astronomy, physics have been using #bigdata longer thn social media. Describes firehose frm sensors #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:13pm I suppose you could argue that it’s intersection of priv data + #bigdata approaches (“what” not “why”) that is problematic #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:14pm @mappingmashups I suggested 2 @acroll better term thn civil rts ab #bigdata would be privacy from its use. Control of the schema #geowebchat

@burnsr77 12:14pm @mappingmashups @re_sieber re:”why” q’s, isn’t that the goal of social sciences, not private sector? #geowebchat

@CraigMDalton 12:15pm @mappingmashups #geowebchat problematic for academic research, but it seems like a different kind of “problematic” for industry research

@re_sieber 12:16pm @burnsr77 @mappingmashups Perhaps ‘why’ is goal of soc sci. Not talking why of soc sci here but why of deduction, hypotheses. #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:17pm @CraigMDalton Yes, problematic vis-a-vis privacy and rights of individuals concerned. #geowebchat

@burnsr77 12:17pm @re_sieber gotcha, i was on a different track ;) #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:17pm @mappingmashups The intersection of personal data and #bigdata is problematic, particularly when personal attached to place #geowebchat

@CraigMDalton 12:17pm #geowebchat “rights” discourses are tricky. We’ve run into that with counter-mapping and university protests.

@AndrewShears 12:18pm I’m lurking today mostly. #geowebchat

@burnsr77 12:20pm re:industry, i also noticed this okcupid study cited in @re_sieber’s post: bit.ly/NhEJe8 #geowebchat

@burnsr77 12:20pm that last post is interesting bc it’s exactly “what” not “why” #geowebchat

@geographiliac 12:21pm @AndrewShears I’m also lurking too… but in geoweb news: goo.gl/tjPMM #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:21pm @burnsr77 To add to your gr8 post, students.washington.edu/rlburns/2012/0…, we can’t take platform for granted. Twitter can sensor, demote content #geowebchat

@burnsr77 12:22pm let me ask a diff why: why use big data? (either industry or academic studies)? what does it give us?still place for small data? #geowebchat

@burnsr77 12:22pm yes, great point @re_sieber. diff platforms result in diff dynamics, right? #geowebchat

@burnsr77 12:25pm @geographiliac, wow, super interesting! #geowebchat

@JessiBreen 12:25pm @geographiliac But what if Paul Ryan just has a really efficient aide? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:25pm @burnsr77 We use #bigdata bc it’s there. Bc it tells us things we didn’t know b4. Bc we can sell more things #geowebchat

@CraigMDalton 12:25pm @burnsr77 #geowebchat sometimes I worry that we use big data b/c it’s ‘cool’, even as that is an internal discursive valuation

@geographiliac 12:26pm @JessiBreen I doubt it’s *his* aid, I’m guessing it’s aids for the Romney campaign. #geowebchat

@JessiBreen 12:27pm @geographiliac There goes my efficiency theory… #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:28pm @burnsr77 Once again, we’re talking social media here. Hard sci coping w #bigdata (eg, from sensors) bc old methods don’t work #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 12:28pm @geographiliac @JessiBreen That’d be biggest VP-runup scam ever, if Ryan’s aide was editing wiki to trigger people’s suspicions! #geowebchat

@JessiBreen 12:29pm @AndrewShears Oh, that could be a fun game! #geowebchat

@CraigMDalton 12:29pm @re_sieber @burnsr77 #geowebchat could this be the crux of why the geoweb is worth studying?

@re_sieber 12:29pm @CraigMDalton @burnsr77 We use #bigdata bc it’s cool but it also challenges top-down deductive a priori methods #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 12:29pm @JessiBreen @geographiliac It’d be a superdeep weirdo plan… like an episode of White Collar on acid…. #geowebchat

@burnsr77 12:30pm @CraigMDalton @re_sieber, like it’s more than methods, data but also culture/norms? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:32pm @CraigMDalton @burnsr77 4me #geoweb is worth studying bc users generate most of content. Not experts. Doesn’t matter if sm or lg #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:32pm @re_sieber Those are pre-formed hard sci research Qs? Do we believe their Qs aren’t led by avail tools? What would Latour say? #geowebchat

@CityResearch 12:34pm #geowebchat – has anyone checked out the new US Census API yet? census.gov/developers/

@mappingmashups 12:34pm RT @acroll: civil rights is about disenfranchisement and unwarranted bias. Data -> prediction -> prejudice. Hence, rights. #geowebchat

@burnsr77 12:35pm @mappingmashups: we might ask him: twitter.com/LatourBot #geowebchat

@CraigMDalton 12:35pm @re_sieber @burnsr77 #geowebchat it also seems that they ability to shift the schema of analysis is a research-worthy thing

@burnsr77 12:35pm @mappingmashups :) #geowebchat

@CraigMDalton 12:36pm @mappingmashups @acroll #geowebchat but “civil” rights also involve the state- whereas big data currently may not. ?regulation needed?

@burnsr77 12:37pm it might also be worth pointing out that these methods have been developing for quite a while in the form of geodemographics #geowebchat

@burnsr77 12:38pm in a practical sense, how do we work to protect privacy/rights in #bigdata and #geoweb? #geowebchat

@burnsr77 12:39pm great q, @CraigMDalton, i would say that regulation is def needed #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 12:40pm @burnsr77 Doesn’t ANY privacy irreparably (and in ways we can’t understand) damage and bias big data beyond usefulness? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:41pm @burnsr77 My concern is that we slap old labels “feminist, post-colonial, post-structuralist” onto #bigdata & say we’re done. #geowebchat

@burnsr77 12:41pm @AndrewShears, i.e., in the same way that protecting privacy of interviewees does? ;P #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:42pm @burnsr77 Citizens must act as censors and not just sensors in production of #bigdata #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 12:42pm RT @acroll: my experience: free mkts don’t self-regulate when abuse is easy & profitable. See: EPA, Madoff, healthcare #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 12:42pm @burnsr77 Not quite. I mean if people withhold from #bigdata (thinking Fb) for fear of privacy, then data tells us little. #geowebchat

@CraigMDalton 12:42pm @burnsr77 #geowebchat I use my place as an instructor to draw students’ attention- but that is a small-data solution

@AndrewShears 12:43pm … I mean, wasn’t part of the “laughable”-ness of White People Like link and this one (bit.ly/NgXzmJ) about politics? #geowebchat

@burnsr77 12:45pm @AndrewShears @CraigMDalton in some of these cases what’s more interesting 4me is the reasons people “opt-out” #geowebchat

@burnsr77 12:46pm @AndrewShears @CraigMDalton and how that changes *who* contributes *what kind* of info #geowebchat

@burnsr77 12:47pm b/c data is always biased, so the q becomes “biased how, and in what ways?” #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:47pm @burnsr77 @CityResearch, yes, census data was an initial source of #bigdata & geodemographics was its data/analysis schema #geowebchat

@CraigMDalton 12:49pm @burnsr77 #geowebchat Bwahaha! the digital divide strikes again!

@burnsr77 12:50pm @CraigMDalton how specifically do you bring this to your students’ attention? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:50pm @burnsr77 Big challenge of #bigdata analysis: it reveals banality and ugliness of every day lk stereotypes blog.okcupid.com/index.php/the-… #geowebchat

@burnsr77 12:53pm @re_sieber: i’m remembering all the hubub about “muslin” search on openbook a few years back :/ #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:53pm @re_sieber @burnsr77 Don’t know if we as society are prepared to reveal the massiveness of the banality found in #bigdata #geowebchat

@CraigMDalton 12:54pm @burnsr77 #geowebchat Lecture and discuss on SCOTUS cases (v Kelso, v Jones), GPS in phones, ad targeting and apps-”girls around me”

@burnsr77 12:54pm “the banality of #bigdata”… hmmm…. good paper title *calls dibs* #geowebchat

@burnsr77 12:58pm for a last q: besides teaching, are there other practical ways we can insert ourselves into these politics and Politics? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:00pm @burnsr77 Twitter trending topics #freshmanmemories, Justin Timberlake: #bigdata not ab cure 4 cancer but banality of everyday #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 1:01pm @re_sieber A kind of cultural geography of geoweb #bigdata? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:02pm @burnsr77 can we insert ourselves into #bigdata policies, politics? That assumes univ geographers are relevant. Big assumption #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 1:05pm I gotta head out. Thx @burnsr77 for hosting! Next chat in 2 weeks, & I need more hosts to sign up: docs.google.com/spreadsheet/cc… #geowebchat

@burnsr77 1:05pm just glanced down at the clock. looks like official time has concluded, but feel free to keep discussing! #geowebchat

@burnsr77 1:06pm thanks for all the participation everyone! i’ll get a transcript to @mappingmashups #geowebchat

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