Next #geowebchat: Does the geoweb need geographers?

In our next chat, we will be discussing the role of geographers (here defined as academically or professionally trained) with respect to neogeography and the geoweb.

The bulk of software and data on the geoweb has been created by “neogeographers” who do not have any traditional training in geography, with some neogeographers expressing outright distain for credentialed geographers. The more recent emergence of discourses around “big data” and “the end of theory” suggests the possibility of even more diminished roles for geographers.

In this chat we will ask how can geographers contribute their knowledge to geoweb tools (such as academic cartographer Cynthia Brewer’s contributions of her ColorBrewer tool to the GeoIQ’s GeoCommons application). What other unique kinds of knowledge do geographers possess that is relevant to the geoweb? For example, in his recent lectures Mike Goodchild argues that the geoweb and VGI calls for the application of not just “spatial intelligence” but a deeper understanding of “geographic intelligence”. What does “geographic intelligence” involve, and does the geoweb need it?

We will discuss these questions and more on twitter at the hashtag #geowebchat, tomorrow Tuesday February 5, starting at 12 noon PST (3pm EST, 8pm GMT). We encourage both neogeographers and “paleogeographers” to join the discussion. Everyone is welcome!

Here is the announcement tweet for retweeting:

We look forward to chatting with you!

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