Next #geowebchat: #AAG2013 debrief

In our next #geowebchat twitter chat we will debrief all of the geoweb happenings at the recent Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting in Los Angeles. There are at least four main themes we will discuss:

* First, there was a wealth of official presentations about the geoweb, including such topics as crowdsourcing, geosocial media, big data, CyberGIS, neocartography, and so on. Many of these were part of the #GEO/CODE track, while others were independently organized. Which presentations made the greatest impact on you? Which sessions might we have missed? Let’s compare notes!

* Second, the 2nd annual #IronSheep competition was a great success, and was partially debriefed in a session on Thursday morning. We can continue the discussion in Tuesday’s #geowebchat: what skills were learned at #IronSheep, what connections were made, and how can the event be improved upon next year?

* Third, there were a handful of sessions and presentations (and many offline and backchannel discussions) that engaged with the role of twitter in academic research and conferences. What is the etiquette of live-tweeting during someone’s talk, or posting photographs of someone’s slides? Also, should we expect that conference tweets will be permanently available? Some of us were surprised to learn that all the #AAG2013 tweets have been publicly archived at Eventifier

* Finally, there was a lot of talk about how to build on this year’s meeting as we move forward, particularly with an eye toward the next AAG meeting in Tampa in 2014. Should there be another geoweb track like #GEO/CODE next year? Should there be an annual geoweb preconference?

Everyone is encouraged to join this #geowebchat, whether you attended AAG2013 or did not. This will be a great opportunity for those who didn’t attend to ask questions of attendees.

The chat will be held on Tuesday, April 16, at the usual time: 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT / 8pm BST.

In more administrative news, at the suggestion of Andrew Turner, I have created a google calendar that will include all upcoming geowebchats. You can easily add the geowebchat calendar to your own calendar program using the following iCal link:

webcal link: webcal://

Subscribe to the calendar and never miss a #geowebchat again!

Looking forward to chatting with you!

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