#geowebchat transcript, 18 June 2013

@agaleszczynski 11:03am Join us for today’s #geowebchat in 1 hour (12 pm PDT / 3pm EDT / 8pm BST). We’ll be discussing CyberGIS vs. VGI/geoweb research agendas

@joeeckert 11:51am Here, I’ll start #geowebchat -ting a little early. Nuance #1: someone in the world still uses the term “cyber”. o.O

@re_sieber 11:54am .@michael_d_gould, @swuiuc, @McGillCyberInf join us for today’s #geowebchat on #cyberGIS & VGI/geoweb. In 6 minutes. Just use #geowebchat

@floraandflying 11:56am excited to participate this week in #geowebchat, I’m up next time #nopressure

@JessiBreen 11:58am @joeeckert Other than the Feds. They still use it freely. #geowebchat Now with hashtag!

@re_sieber 12:00pm @JessiBreen @joeeckert Maybe #cyberGIS is Nick at Night for GIScientists #geowebchat

@michael_d_gould 12:00pm follwoin #geowebchat from Schiphol airport hotel

@WxDan 12:01pm I mentally affiliate “cyber-” with military/intelligence contexts. #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:01pm Hello everyone. #geowebchat is starting now! You can follow along with tools like tweetchat.com/room/geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:02pm @re_sieber @JessiBreen What’s the intersection of “folks who got that joke about #cyber” and “old enough to know Nick at Nite?” #geowebchat

@floraandflying 12:02pm @joeeckert cyber implies infrastructure, it is not an ad-hoc method of data gathering and data discovery, #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:02pm Today we’re going to be discussing overlaps and divergences between geoweb/VGI and CyberGIS research agendas. #geowebchat

@mhaklay 12:03pm @joeeckert also in ‘citizen cyberlab’ citizencyberlab.eu & Citizen Cyberscience Centre – maybe francophone? #geowebchat

@michael_d_gould 12:04pm #geowebchat so what is cybergis other than a gi approach to accessing “cyberinfrastructure” funding from NSF?

@JacqInTheBooks 12:04pm Hi everyone! Jacq from U of Calgary here! Participating in #geowebchat & collecting data for my PhD research – qub.me/uBLBYA

@JessiBreen 12:04pm @joeeckert @re_sieber Dunno, but the term “cyber” still makes me think of AOL chatrooms and my job at Digital City Boston in HS. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:04pm As background, @aag2013 had 20+ sessions on #cyberGIS. IIt was presented as GIScience 2.0 or GISAG (GIScience after Goodchild) #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:04pm @floraandflying [+] to folks seeking to wedge phenomena into an objectivist-science framework. Seems old-school. #geowebchat

@JacqInTheBooks 12:04pm Looking forward to learning with all again today #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:05pm @floraandflying That assumes by negation that “ad-hoc” methods o gathering/discovery don’t have infrastructure? Serves as a flag #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:05pm how many #geocode track sessions did we have in comparison? RT @re_sieber @aag2013 had 20 sessions on #cyberGIS. #geowebchat

@floraandflying 12:05pm @joeeckert old school gets you funded, it takes a long time for funding streams to catch up with new concepts such as VGI… #geowebchat

@floraandflying 12:06pm @joeeckert Agree that ad-hoc does, but how does it fit in with the SDI as it stands now? #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:06pm @floraandflying Depends on your funding agency. RAPID/CREATIV/INSPIRE all very new-school NSF grants. Folks fund new-school too #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:07pm @floraandflying @joeeckert re: funding, #cyberGIS also successfully articulating itself wrt #bigdata research agenda

@joeeckert 12:07pm @floraandflying perhaps a better question is, “why are the geography arms interested in funding old school?” maybe another time. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:07pm @agaleszczynski @aag2013 #geocode had 4-5 sessions @aag2013 compared to 20+ on #cyberGIS #geowebchat

@JacqInTheBooks 12:07pm @JessiBreen @joeeckert @re_sieber I share similar hesitations around the use/nuances of the term ‘virtual’ #geowebchat

@floraandflying 12:07pm @joeeckert and for these grants, I am grateful, things get done much faster! #geowebchat #gonsf

@terra_tenney 12:07pm doesn’t cyber have the connotation of being “separate” from a persons “real” world? Aren’t they quiet intertwined? #geowebchat

@floraandflying 12:08pm @joeeckert also great for rapid prototyping #inspire #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:09pm @floraandflying and magical for getting funding related to new-school phenomena w/o having to get the blessing of the old guard. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:09pm @agaleszczynski @aag2013 #cyberGIS successfully articulating itself w #bigdata & #cyberinfrastructure makes for perfect storm #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:09pm @terra_tenney You see folks in internet research more broadly calling us to do away with the physical/cyber dualism. #geowebchat #ir14

@agaleszczynski 12:09pm @terra_tenney yes. for problematization of ‘cyber’ see paper by @geoplace on Internet/Geography bit.ly/ScKs9l #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:11pm @re_sieber @agaleszczynski No reason geowebby people can’t align themselves with big data. Big really ain’t that big of a deal. #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:11pm @re_sieber could you expand on the perfect storm of #bigdata and #cyberGIS? #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:11pm @JacqInTheBooks @JessiBreen @re_sieber Likewise, same reason — the binary duality thing bugs the snot out of me. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:11pm Participation in #cyberGIS is engineering-focused, eg w business use cases. #geowebchat

@michael_d_gould 12:11pm #geowebchat in my view cyber is a placeholder for Big, Fast, and Scalable. otherwise objects of study are similar to before.

@joeeckert 12:12pm @floraandflying Is the SDI even relevant? With the OSMs, Stamens, & other F/OSS of the world pushing a “do what works” approach #geowebchat

@JacqInTheBooks 12:12pm Agree! RT @terra_tenney: doesnt cyber have connotation of being “separate” from a persons “real” world? Arent they intertwined? #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:13pm how to successfully do that? RT @joeeckert No reason geowebby people can’t align themselves with big data. #geowebchat

@michael_d_gould 12:13pm @re_sieber let’s not confuse business use cases with having users with real requirements #geowebchat

@JConnelYoung 12:13pm What’s at stake in the distinction between cybergis/geoweb? It seems easy enough for researchers to move between the two, no? #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:13pm @michael_d_gould And *everyone* is doing “big/fast/scalable” – even geowebby folk. Seems like attempts to claim territory. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:13pm @agaleszczynski Hard to justify #cyberinfrastructure in #cyberGIS vv HPC, distrib computing. #bigdata makes the case perfectly. #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:15pm @agaleszczynski Highlight how we do work with “big data” — most of the @floating_sheep / @oiioxford / @MSFTResearch do. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:15pm @michael_d_gould To me, challenge is not VGI v #cyberGIS but why is geom, topo special in #cyberinfrastructure #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:15pm @agaleszczynski Likewise, press other forms of computational inquiry that aren’t (post-hoc) hypothesis testing. Inductive work. #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:16pm @re_sieber do you think there’s a kind of double-capitalization going on w/ #cyberinfrastructure baking on #bigdata #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:16pm @agaleszczynski Hell, the digi-humanities do a better job of framing themselves as working with big data. Should get on that! #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:17pm @michael_d_gould AGREED: let’s not confuse business use cases with having users with real requirements #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:18pm @michael_d_gould Pretty hard to do that these days without *some* knowledge of the back-end. Cool interfaces few and far between #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:18pm @agaleszczynski Can you tell me more? Re: double-capitalization going on w/ #cyberinfrastructure baking on #bigdata #geowebchat

@michael_d_gould 12:18pm AGREED RT @re_sieber: @michael_d_gould challenge is not VGI v #cyberGIS but why is geom, topo special in #cyberinfrastructure #geowebchat

@terra_tenney 12:19pm @re_sieber @michael_d_gould So does this mean that any business use is not alturistic or related to end-users #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:19pm @re_sieber how using the term #cyberinfrastructure is already a way of speaking to funding agencies now #bigdata #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:20pm #cyberGIS is hi perf, realtime spatial analysis, parallelization, new geostats–it’s not #geoweb but GIS on steroids #geowebchat

@michael_d_gould 12:20pm @terra_tenney no, that’s not what we mean, but that was a side comment. #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:20pm @re_sieber what is your experience in the Canadian context? I feel like #cyberGIS is very US-centric (a way of speaking to NSF) #geowebchat

@JessiBreen 12:20pm Is anybody scooping up the tweets without the hastag? There are a few in my feed that are pretty interesting questions. #geowebchat

@floraandflying 12:21pm @joeeckert but often in agile methodologies,the data stored and produced is going to have to have standards associated with them #geowebchat

@michael_d_gould 12:21pm @re_sieber ok, so please define geoweb. #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:21pm @agaleszczynski @re_sieber Seems like the “anointed” term of choice. But who doesn’t pander to NSF w/language? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:21pm @agaleszczynski #cyberinfrastructure is concept understood by #NSF. #bigdata not understood but everyone wants a piece of it. #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:22pm @agaleszczynski @re_sieber Like Salinsky said, (paraphrasing) “tell ‘em in a language in which they’ll listen.” #geowebchat

@JessiBreen 12:22pm RT @mhaklay Question: does CybeGIS need to bother us, when in Google Scholar there are 780 CyberGIS hits & 2330 on GeoWeb ? #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:22pm @JessiBreen Negative, just using TweetDeck. Could RT them so they make it into the #geowebchat annals.

@JessiBreen 12:23pm @joeeckert Fetching them now. #geowebchat

@peterajohnson 12:23pm @re_sieber Agreed, I see #geoweb as almost a ‘low resource’ approach vs. #cyberGIS large scale SDIs #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:23pm @floraandflying Sure, but they’re flexible. And in NoSQL/other non-schematic tech, those standards change quickly. #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:23pm @michael_d_gould @re_sieber uh-oh, here we go again. XD #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:23pm @agaleszczynski Good point. No #geocyberinfrastructure talk at all in Canada. SDI, #opendata, #geocomputation are big things. #geowebchat

@peterajohnson 12:23pm @michael_d_gould @re_sieber ahhh, here we go again (and again) #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:24pm @peterajohnson @re_sieber What’s low-resource about having to know both tech *and* people? That’s 2x the fieldwork! #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:25pm @re_sieber those are much more intuitive ways of designating what it is we’re talking about #opendata #geocomputation #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:25pm @peterajohnson #geoweb as UX; #cyberGIS as software engineering #geowebchat

@peterajohnson 12:25pm @joeeckert hah, not ‘low effort’ for sure! #geowebchat

@michael_d_gould 12:26pm ok, so maybe the interesting dichotomy is big (old school) gis vs geoweb. #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:26pm @michael_d_gould Is it really a dichotomy at all? Or is it just folks following well-worn tribal paths decades old? #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:26pm @michael_d_gould what do you see as the key differences b/w the two (old school GIS vs. geoweb/VGI)? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:26pm @michael_d_gould #geoweb is tech (eg APIs) and people and #VGI and ethics #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:27pm @re_sieber @peterajohnson Awww, I do software engineering. Am I in the wrong tribe now? Dammit! ;) #geowebchat

@michael_d_gould 12:28pm ok. RT @re_sieber: @michael_d_gould #geoweb is tech (eg APIs) and people and #VGI and ethics #geowebchat

@JessiBreen 12:28pm @joeeckert FYI, I’m supporting the word “troop” over “tribe.” Makes us sound like baboons! :) #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:28pm @joeeckert @michael_d_gould A third tribe! #cyberGIS, #neogeographers, and #GIScience. That’s not controversial round here #geowebchat

@floraandflying 12:29pm @michael_d_gould @re_sieber Great definition for sure. #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:29pm for clarification re: tribes, see #geowebchat transcript on Geoweb vs. GIScience bit.ly/z5eU75

@mattmoehr 12:29pm @JessiBreen there was just a big crow sitting on my lawn. Why not use “murders” instead of troops? #geowebchat @joeeckert

@JessiBreen 12:29pm RT @alogicalfallacy The standards may change, but their always there at some level unless you’re doing straight low level stuff. #geowebchat

@michael_d_gould 12:30pm @agaleszczynski old school more desktop and map-making-centric and geoweb more web centric (lightweight). #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:30pm @alogicalfallacy @floraandflying No f’ing way. But “driver” is probably the right level of abstraction. #geowebchat

@michael_d_gould 12:31pm but need more details on ethics RT @floraandflying: @michael_d_gould @re_sieber Great definition for sure. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:31pm @mattmoehr @JessiBreen @joeeckert Or clowders of GIS folks #NoTribesRoundHere #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:31pm @agaleszczynski @mattmoehr <REDACTED> <REDACTED> <REDACTED> <REDACTED> <REDACTED> #geowebchat

@JessiBreen 12:31pm @mattmoehr @joeeckert I thought about it, but thought primates were more apt. #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:32pm @michael_d_gould @floraandflying @re_sieber Ok, so why are CyberGIS folks absolved from ethics? Bowman expedition? #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:32pm @michael_d_gould @floraandflying @re_sieber Or I guess more generally, why do we encourage this sort of rift development? #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:33pm @michael_d_gould @floraandflying @re_sieber Does dichotomy do anything other than deem one group worth funding? #geowebchat

@JessiBreen 12:33pm I run from the term “cyberGIS” because I don’t consider what I do GIS. Geoweb sounds more inclusive. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:33pm @michael_d_gould @floraandflying We could talk ab an ethic of #cyberGIS too. #AAG2013 was a tiny bit tone-deaf on subject #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:33pm @joeeckert @michael_d_gould @floraandflying @re_sieber makes me think of @re_sieber’s comments a few #geowebchat ago…

@floraandflying 12:33pm @michael_d_gould @re_sieber I think we expound upon Sieber and Poore VGI manifesto developed at GISScience 2010. #vgiethics #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:34pm @joeeckert @michael_d_gould @re_sieber re: how #CyberGIS even more removed from the social implications of tech than #GIScience #geowebchat

@JessiBreen 12:34pm But back to @mhaklay ‘s comment. It looks like the field has already landed on geoweb. What are we arguing about/for? #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:34pm @JessiBreen True that. “GIS” didn’t get us our funding. It’s a tool, like Goodchild said. Here’s to geo-info in all forms. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:35pm @floraandflying @michael_d_gould You need to inc yourself, @punkish and @mvexel in the VGI Mainfesto too #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:35pm @JessiBreen @mhaklay you’re right that geogs have settle on #geoweb, but by doing so are we marginalizing ourselves? #geowebchat

@JessiBreen 12:35pm @joeeckert Don’t let my GIS instructors hear you say that…. #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:36pm @JessiBreen @mhaklay i.e., no-one outside of geography says “geoweb” #geowebchat

@JessiBreen 12:36pm @agaleszczynski @mhaklay What do they say? #geowebchat

@michael_d_gould 12:37pm @joeeckert maybe UR too young to remember tht in the 80s everyone published “bla bla bla..with GIS” to get published/funded. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:37pm @joeeckert @michael_d_gould @floraandflying You speak to a fundamental rift in academia: the need to be set apart from the old #geowebchat

@mhaklay 12:37pm @agaleszczynski @JessiBreen beyond geography – media studies seem to be happy with geoweb, also HCI #geowebchat

@kyjts 12:37pm @re_sieber @agaleszczynski FWIW, there were 13 #geocode sessions at #AAG2013, plus #ironsheep… floatingsheep.org/2013/04/geocod… #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:37pm @agaleszczynski @JessiBreen @mhaklay YES!!! SO MUCH THIS! Say the word “geoweb” outside a grog conf and see how far you get. #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:37pm I stand corrected RT @mhaklay beyond geography – media studies seem to be happy with geoweb, also HCI #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:38pm @agaleszczynski @JessiBreen @mhaklay er, geog conf. the grog conf is the other conference I go to annually. #geowebchat

@JessiBreen 12:38pm @mhaklay @agaleszczynski I have colleagues who introduce me as studying “the internet.” Loses nuance, but isn’t totally wrong. #geowebchat

@mhaklay 12:38pm @joeeckert @agaleszczynski @JessiBreen so how do you explain this scholar.google.co.uk/scholar?hl=en&… ? not all geog #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:39pm @agaleszczynski @JessiBreen @mhaklay In private sector, among entrepreneurs, lots use #geoweb. The curse of Tim O’Reilly. #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:39pm @mhaklay @agaleszczynski May I have cites for that offline, when you get a chance? E-mail’s still the same. #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:40pm @mhaklay @agaleszczynski @JessiBreen Percentage looks better than I expected (still meager, but better). Neat! #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:40pm @joeeckert What is this grog conference you speak of? Sounds much better than geog conferences #geowebchat

@JessiBreen 12:40pm @re_sieber @joeeckert I prefer beer. #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:41pm @michael_d_gould HAH! Indeed I am, but I’m well familiar with that territory. Same reason I weasel “big data” into stuff I write #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:41pm @joeeckert @mhaklay @re_sieber @JessiBreen that’s a really positive development if non-geogs are using #geoweb #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:42pm @agaleszczynski Or if you believe in the O’Reilly Curse, perhaps not. ;) #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:42pm What can #cyberGIS learn from #VGI? #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:42pm @joeeckert @mhaklay @re_sieber @JessiBreen or, if they’ve been using it all along #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:42pm That’s a really good question RT @re_sieber What can #cyberGIS learn from #VGI? #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 12:43pm @joeeckert @michael_d_gould so are we more afraid the same will or *won’t* happen with geoweb? #geowebchat

@michael_d_gould 12:43pm VGI=bigData RT @re_sieber: What can #cyberGIS learn from #VGI? #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 12:44pm Don’t automatically laugh at things like @openstreetmap RT @re_sieber: What can #cyberGIS learn from #VGI? #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:44pm @mattmoehr @joeeckert @michael_d_gould what’s the O’Reilly curse? The addition of “2.0″ to everything? #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:44pm @mattmoehr @michael_d_gould Or perhaps just sadly resigned? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:44pm #cyberGIS has much to learn from #VGI ab unstructured content, motivation to participate, underlying agendas, digital inequities #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:45pm @agaleszczynski I think of it like the end of the Neverending Story with the creeping void. Except void = venture capital. #geowebchat

@JessiBreen 12:45pm @agaleszczynski @mattmoehr @joeeckert @michael_d_gould And the woodblock animal prints. #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 12:46pm @joeeckert @michael_d_gould granted a different dept. but I’ve been told by multiple profs that geoweb != real sociology. #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:46pm @JessiBreen Can’t forget the “which animal was that reference guide again?” Interactive Data Viz got sparrows or finches? #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:47pm @re_sieber so mostly you are saying that #cyberGIS has much to learn ab paying attn to the social aspect from #VGI? #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:47pm @mattmoehr @michael_d_gould That’s ok, I’ve been trying to convince sociologists that geography isn’t lat/longs for years now. #geowebchat

@michael_d_gould 12:47pm @mattmoehr who said it was or should be real sociology? #geowebchat

@peterajohnson 12:48pm +1 “@mattmoehr: Don’t automatically laugh at things like @openstreetmap RT @re_sieber: What can #cyberGIS learn from #VGI? #geowebchat”

@mhaklay 12:48pm @joeeckert @agaleszczynski you’ve seen this analysis of Morozov ‘The Meme Hustler’ thebaffler.com/past/the_meme_… ? #geowebchat

@JessiBreen 12:48pm @mattmoehr @joeeckert @michael_d_gould There are geogs who think the same thing. #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:48pm @joeeckert @mattmoehr @michael_d_gould though soc along with other ss disciplines is all over location now #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:48pm @agaleszczynski YES: #cyberGIS has much to learn ab paying attn to the social aspect from #VGI. Inc hidden assumptions in each #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:49pm @mhaklay @agaleszczynski Yup! Always a fun read too. Almost an aperitif after working with O’Reilly texts. XD #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:49pm @agaleszczynski and the maps are so, so bad. #justsayin #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:50pm following up on re_sieber’s Q, what can #VGI learn from #CyberGIS? #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 12:50pm @JessiBreen phew. thought it was just me ;) #geowebchat @joeeckert @michael_d_gould

@re_sieber 12:50pm @agaleszczynski This is what #VGI, other social sci can learn from #cyberGIS: Geog > location #geowebchat

@mattmoehr 12:51pm @joeeckert SOOOO bad. Sociology maps are @Esri default maps, so that’s what ya get. #geowebchat @agaleszczynski

@michael_d_gould 12:51pm re_sieber I’d say most people need to pay more attention to social aspects: not special to cybergis. #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:53pm @re_sieber @agaleszczynski Sorry, geog-is-more-than-location belongs to #cyberGIS now? Has someone told the post-structuralists? #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:53pm @michael_d_gould agreed. #GIScience and #VGI have been particularly good at working @ the intersection of soc & tech #geowebchat

@terra_tenney 12:54pm Agreedx2RT @agaleszczynski #GIScience and #VGI have been particularly good working @ the intersection of soc & tech #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:54pm @joeeckert @agaleszczynski Quick, ring up John Pickles! #geowebchat

@bricker 12:55pm @agaleszczynski @michael_d_gould #geowebchat and that is likely why most of us are here.

@agaleszczynski 12:55pm @michael_d_gould @re_sieber also #VGI has much to learn about articulating research interests from #cyberGIS #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:55pm @re_sieber @agaleszczynski He ought to have some sort of bat-signal. #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:56pm @re_sieber @joeeckert wouldn’t it be great to have a #geowebchat with the CritGIS pioneers (who don’t regularly join #geowebchat)

@joeeckert 12:57pm @agaleszczynski @michael_d_gould @re_sieber Definitely. Or at least framing them in a way that doesn’t fall on deaf ears. #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:57pm @agaleszczynski @re_sieber Absolutely. You’re in charge of the Twitter training though, I did the last one. HAH! #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:57pm @re_sieber @joeeckert I meant who don’t **already** regularly tweet in #geowebchat

@michael_d_gould 12:57pm @re_sieber 140 chars not enough. Tampa! #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 12:59pm #geowebchat hour is coming to a close. anyone have any last/closing thoughts re: #CyberGIS vs. VGI/the geoweb?

@peterajohnson 12:59pm @michael_d_gould @re_sieber now you’re talking #AAG2014 geo/code organizing committee anyone? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 12:59pm @agaleszczynski @joeeckert That would be great. We’d need to gently introduce CritGIS pioneers to the roughntumble world of #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 1:00pm @re_sieber @joeeckert @michael_d_gould that would be a great #AAG2014 panel session #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:00pm @agaleszczynski @michael_d_gould It’d be nice to see more #VGI, CritGIS research get that big #cyberinfrastructure grant $$ #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 1:00pm @peterajohnson beat me to it :) #AAG2014 #geowebchat

@joeeckert 1:01pm @agaleszczynski Thanks for hosting! Much appreciated. #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 1:01pm it looks like our time is up. thanks to everyone who participated for a spirited #geowebchat, especially newcomers.

@re_sieber 1:03pm @agaleszczynski Closing thoughts: let’s engage more &not reproduce alienation btwn #cyberGIS & CritGIS folks: more engagement #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:03pm Thanks, @agaleszczynski. Great #geowebchat today

@michael_d_gould 1:04pm +1 RT @re_sieber: Thanks, @agaleszczynski. Great #geowebchat today

@agaleszczynski 1:06pm looking at the calendar, the next #geowebchat is sched for 07/02/13. Social reputation/credibility and the geowebs (host: @floraandflying)

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