#geowebchat transcript, Nov 19: Crisismapping & Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda

@mappingmashups Nov 17, 4:43pm Next #geowebchat: Crisismapping & Typhoon #Haiyan/#YolandaPH mappingmashups.net/2013/11/17/nex… Starts 12pm PT (8pm GMT) Nov 19, runs 24hrs thru Nov 20.

@bricker Nov 18, 9:40am Interested in learning more about real time #PPGIS in this weeks #geowebchat read more at mappingmashups.net great idea @mappingmashups

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:00pm Hello everyone, today’s #geowebchat is starting now! We’re discussing crisis mapping and Typhoon #YolandaPH/#Haiyan. mappingmashups.net/2013/11/17/nex…

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:01pm If you want to join the #geowebchat, just follow the hashtag in your twitter client. To ignore us, some clients let you mute a hashtag.

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:03pm Today’s #geowebchat will follow an unusual format: we’ll kick off the conversation now, but you can keep chatting for the next 24 hrs.

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:04pm …hopefully this will allow people in timezones around the world (especially in the Philippines) join the #geowebchat.

@PetersonGIS Nov 19, 12:07pm What do we map when everything’s gone/flattened? Rhetorical question. #geowebchat

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:08pm I’d like to invite everybody joining the #geowebchat to introduce themselves, & share any experiences or Qs they have about crisis mapping

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:09pm I’ve done some armchair mapping w/ @hotosm using their great Tasking Manager: tasks.hotosm.org. Mostly tracing buildings. #geowebchat

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:10pm …but I don’t know much about any other crisis-mapping activities that have been going on around #YolandaPH/#Haiyan. #geowebchat

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:11pm .@PetersonGIS This disaster did prompt a change to the @hotosm map style to show damaged buildings: hot.openstreetmap.org/updates/2013-1… #geowebchat

@mpmckenna8 Nov 19, 12:12pm @mappingmashups there should never be a time constraint on people who want to #geowebchat.

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:13pm And if you haven’t seen the @hotosm map style by @informagicien, @skorasaurus & others, it’s beautiful: openstreetmap.org/#map=17/11.246… #geowebchat

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:13pm @mpmckenna8 It is true, that #geowebchat is always happening, in a sense… if you follow it 24/7 like I do!

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:14pm @mpmckenna8 But it is true that our usual time is biased against those in East Asia and Australia in particular… #geowebchat

@re_sieber Nov 19, 12:15pm 1 prob is how to make content expire on #crisismapping sites when info gets old #geowebchat

@re_sieber Nov 19, 12:17pm Also #crisismapping often needs to integrate w telecom like texting. @anabrandusescu found that interop v difficult #geowebchat

@floraandflying Nov 19, 12:17pm I missed #geowebchat or the beginning. Dang.

@mpmckenna8 Nov 19, 12:18pm Hope to hear from someone who is/ was in the #Philippines and benefitting from @openstreetmap in #geowebchat.

@anabrandusescu Nov 19, 12:18pm @re_sieber another problem is empty maps philfloodmap.crowdmap.com/main #geowebchat

@re_sieber Nov 19, 12:19pm Geocoding is v difficult too in #crisismapping. SMS, email, tweets manually geocoded in Ushahidi #geowebchat

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:20pm @floraandflying Nope, you didn’t miss anything Nazila! We’re just starting. #geowebchat

@neogeografen Nov 19, 12:20pm Over all problem for OSM newbees non-english-tech people who want contribute – Where to start #crisismapping etc? #geowebchat

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:21pm @neogeografen That’s why @hotosm is a strong supporter of internationalization & tutorials for #OSM like learnosm.org #geowebchat

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:23pm @anabrandusescu @re_sieber Are empty maps the result of too many one-off special case maps? #geowebchat

@wisemana Nov 19, 12:25pm @mpmckenna8 the American Red Cross is making maps from OSM and providing them to responders going out there #geowebchat @RBanick

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:27pm RT @neogeografen: @mappingmashups correct – however small languages with small communities it’s takes times to write guides #geowebchat

@anabrandusescu Nov 19, 12:27pm @mappingmashups @re_sieber possibly. i’m searching for more haiyan crowdmap/ushahidi deployments, platform i’m most familiar w #geowebchat

@re_sieber Nov 19, 12:28pm .@mappingmashups @anabrandusescu Mult content on #crisismaps geometry, attributes-Can do geometry but no affected ppl contribute #geowebchat

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:29pm If anyone at #geowebchat wants to listen to the pulse of @hotosm during a crisis activation, you should try IRC: irc://irc.oftc.net/hot

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:30pm RT @skorasaurus: .@wisemana @mappingmashups Yep, the HOT map style was partially funded by @USAIDOTI ;) #geowebchat

@anabrandusescu Nov 19, 12:31pm i’ve used crisis platform crowdmap for com dev. have not dealt directly w crises but wonder about digital/physicall connectivity #geowebchat

@skorasaurus Nov 19, 12:33pm @re_sieber good pt on expriring content & #crisismapping . w/ #osm, local community to update it is required, as done in haiti #geowebchat

@anabrandusescu Nov 19, 12:34pm how connected are online maps to on-the-ground teams and personnel? has it improved from ushahidi haiti? ggs684.pbworks.com/w/file/fetch/6… #geowebchat

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:39pm @skorasaurus @anabrandusescu Who was been supporting the development of a local OSM community in Haiti post-quake? @hotosm? #geowebchat

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:42pm Here’s a photo of an OSM map in use for disaster response in Guinan, Philippines. Via @hotosm IRC channel flickr.com/photos/esambal… #geowebchat

@mpmckenna8 Nov 19, 12:42pm Glad there are some really thorough intros to @hotosm. #geowebchat #crisismapping crisismapper.wordpress.com/2013/11/15/the…

@re_sieber Nov 19, 12:43pm .@skorasaurus Katrina map was example of victims providing content that obsolesced. Never knew whether it was still pertinent #geowebchat

@neogeografen Nov 19, 12:43pm one of the best idea to learn new OSM people #crisismapping like Heidelberg University GIScience did – have a mappingparty #geowebchat

@anabrandusescu Nov 19, 12:45pm @mappingmashups @skorasaurus yes, HOT initiatives on the ground wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Humanitar… #geowebchat

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:46pm @neogeografen Mapping parties are great way to get new OSMers started. Did anyone attend the DC #crisiscamp this weekend? #geowebchat

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:47pm @anabrandusescu @skorasaurus Is it harder to appeal to funding bodies to get $ for post-disaster support? #geowebchat

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:47pm RT @skorasaurus: 2 HOT missions have been back to haiti since ’10; led to creation of 2 local OSM orgs in North & st. marc. #geowebchat

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:49pm RT @bricker: @mappingmashups @anabrandusescu @skorasaurus is that because of timing issues? #geowebchat

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 12:51pm @bricker @anabrandusescu @skorasaurus Just thinking that funders like paying for something new, not supporting smthing ongoing #geowebchat

@re_sieber Nov 19, 12:51pm @mappingmashups @anabrandusescu @skorasaurus harder to get$ for post-disaster support? #geowebchat Prob is speed &connections to trad relief

@anabrandusescu Nov 19, 12:52pm @mappingmashups @skorasaurus referring 2 change. r bodies communicating differently now while in crisis than in previous crises? #geowebchat

@anabrandusescu Nov 19, 12:54pm in terms of online crisis maps, we don’t know all the instances bc they’re private crisismap.geog.uni-heidelberg.de/ushahidi/login #geowebchat

@wisemana Nov 19, 12:58pm @anabrandusescu the American Red Cross is making maps from OSM and providing them to responders going out there #geowebchat cc @RBanick

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 1:01pm Thanks everyone for kicking off this unusual 24-hour #geowebchat. I’ll keep checking in to see how the conversation is going. So should you!

@talldave Nov 19, 1:02pm Looking ahead, is there a task manager for crisis-prone areas that can be mapped now, before a crisis? #geowebchat

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 1:03pm I’m excited to welcome any people from the Philippines who will join #geowebchat as the sun rises in the _other_ PST! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philippin…

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 1:04pm Tomorrow at 1pm Pacific Standard Time I’ll archive this entire #geowebchat discussion and put the transcript here: mappingmashups.net/geowebchat/

@vtcraghead Nov 19, 1:05pm @talldave Relief-agency partners can create those tasks: tasks.hotosm.org #geowebchat But enthusiasm is reactive.

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 1:07pm @vtcraghead @talldave For example: a @hotosm task for mapping Kathmandu which has high earthquake risk tasks.hotosm.org/job/190 #geowebchat

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 1:08pm For now, I leave you on #geowebchat with this amazing map of @hotosm activity after #YolandaPH: resultmaps.neis-one.org/osm-typhoon-ha…

@vtcraghead Nov 19, 1:23pm @mappingmashups #geowebchat Note that amazing app is also commit-message filterable: resultmaps.neis-one.org/osm-typhoon-ha… <– our local mapathon

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 1:24pm @vtcraghead Cool, I didn’t know that! Nice one, @pascal_n! #geowebchat

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 1:36pm Here’s a tool to see the difference in OSM data before and after the Typhoon: pierzen.dev.openstreetmap.org/hot/leaflet/OS… by @penorman & @pierzen #geowebchat

@anabrandusescu Nov 19, 4:40pm online mapmakers and the red cross in the philippines theatlantic.com/technology/arc… #geowebchat

@mappingmashups Nov 19, 5:45pm Good morning Philippines, today on #geowebchat we’re talking about crisis mapping after #YolandaPH. More info here: mappingmashups.net/2013/11/17/nex…

@neogeografen Nov 20, 9:02am A german article about the 40 students from Heidelberg University GIScience on a mappingparty last week #geowebchat rnz.de/heidelbergcamp…

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