Next #geowebchat, geoweb tribes redux: December 3, 2013

Do you study the Geoweb, or CyberGIS? Are you a neogeographer or a neocartographer or do you find yourself in the “paleo-” camp? What are the differences between terms like Maps 2.0 and GIS 2.0, or between VGI, CCGI, f-VGI, and Ambient GI? What about new spatial media, cybercartography, wiki-mapping, or the cyberspatial web? What’s the difference between GIS/2 and Alt.GIS? And can you remember the last time anyone said “map hacks” or “mapping mashups”?

In the next #geowebchat we will revisit the debate(s) over terminology and (sub)disciplinary identity. What is at stake when we argue over naming things? How do the terms we use influence the way we undertake our research or build our tools? Do we risk creating new disciplinary ghettoes, limiting the scope of colleagues we might learn from or narrowing the audiences for our own work? Does this proliferation of names accurately reflect divisions within the community of geoweb researchers and practitioners, or do they paper over other differences that are harder to describe or pin down?

This chat foreshadows a panel discussion that Michael Gould and Renee Sieber are organizing for the 2014 Association of American Geographers annual meeting. The conversation will also revisit some of the same ground as an earlier geowebchat which took place in March of 2012 (although reading the transcript of that chat is not required to participate in this one).

As usual the chat takes place on Twitter for one hour on Tuesday, December 3, starting at 12pm PST (3pm EST, 8pm GMT). Just follow the hashtag #geowebchat to participate or follow along.

For more information about #geowebchat, and to read transcripts of previous chats, go here:

I look forward to chatting with you!

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