Next #geowebchat: Where Next for the MSc in GIS? January 21, 2014

Next #geowebchat: Tuesday 21st January 2014, 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8pm GMT.

[Guest post by Claire Ellul]

Hi all,

We’d like to invite you to the next #geowebchat – ‘Where Next for the MSc in GIS?’. To quickly introduce myself, I’m a Lecturer in GIS at University College London in the UK, and prior to becoming an academic I was a GIS consultant for 10 years, based in the UK but working in Europe and the Middle East.

Here in the UK there is great demand for the specialist skills provided by the MSc in GIS, with students finding employment prior to completing the course. However, there is an increasing lack of supply. This is coupled with an increasingly wider range of skills required from graduates, more of which are highly technical. We’re also introducing new, more specialist courses (MSc in Geomatics for Building Information Modelling and MSc in Spatio-Temporal Analytics and Big Data Mining) and we’d love to find out whether the traditional general MSc is still relevant. We’ve held a face to face meeting with contacts in London, but there has also been interest from elsewhere and we think the topic is relevant to many other groups too! So we’re asking the following questions:

1. What sectors will be employing GIS graduates in 5 years, and how much will they be paying?

2. What skills should the students have?

3. What courses should we run? Is a general MSc in GIS still relevant, or do we need more specialist courses?

4. How can we recruit bright students into the profession?

5. Is the word GIS still relevant or are GIS people ‘the people who make the maps’?

Hope to see you online ..

Best regards


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