Next #geowebchat on #opendata hosted by @geothinkca, February 4, 2014

[Guest post by Matthew Tenney]

Hello All,

Please join us for the guest hosting of #geowebchat (Twitter) on Feb. 4th, 2014 at 3PM EST (12pm PST, 8pm GMT). The topics we hope to discuss “What do we want Open Data for?” – “Who are ‘we’?”, “Is Open Data better data? Or, even good data?”, and finally “What impacts can come from Open Data?” (i.e., Government, research programs, business practices and opportunities).

We have collected some easily consumable resources for you to get up to speed and outline our potential discussion topics below. Don’t feel that there is too much you have to go over and we aggregated the material here just for your convenience.

Generally, it is a free-formed discussion and is capable of taking turns whenever someone brings up an interesting point. It can be hard to get a complete thought out in 140 characters on a multi-threaded conversation, but hang in there – use the #geowebchat hashtag and don’t be afraid to reply to specific people.

We will start off by offering a few viable areas to get things going:

  1. Incentives for Open Data – Hackathons, grants, and sponsorships have been a primary tool to crowd-source the use of Open Data. Are these effective? What consequences can arise (both good and bad) from expecting the public to make use of Open Data? Are they targeted or invite equal participation?
  2. Data, Data, Data – There is a lot of data out there already. A lot of that data is already inherently spatial. But what does Open Data bring to the geoweb, ‘geo’ science, and mean for VGI? Do we have quality concerns? – is it the same as it was but now different than before?
  3. What will it change – Open Data is often tied to democratic ideals and government oversight. But, how does Open Data promote government oversight? Does all Open Data? Or, are there certain kinds of data that would be useful to have that are or are not available in Canada’s Open Data initiatives (get an idea for what is and isn’t available here: You can get a more comprehensive list for other countries here:

Feel free to collect links to share with everyone if you have a specific topic you’d like to cover during the Open Data chat.

Look forward to reading your tweets on Open Data!


Geothink Canada

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