#geowebchat transcript, 15 April 2014: #bigdata, #AAG2014, and #sotmus

@re_sieber Apr 12, 7:01am .@mappingmashups agrees that #bigdata will be the topic of next #geowebchat. @AndrewShears and @alogicalfallacy, you’ve been volunteered.

@mappingmashups Apr 14, 6:41pm Tomorrow (Tue) #geowebchat is about #bigdata w/ guest hosts @alogicalfallacy & @AndrewShears! Special time: 1pm PT, 4pm ET! Please RT!

@AndrewShears 10:08am #Geowebchat featuring @alogicalfallacy and I debriefing #aag2014 alt.conf on #bigdata and #geoweb – 4pm EDT today!

@AndrewShears 10:09am #Geowebchat Good pre-read: @geoplace’s reactions to #bigdata #geoweb altconf at #aag2014 zerogeography.net/2014/04/my-res…

@alogicalfallacy 12:52pm Alright, I’m all caffeinated up and ready to go. #geowebchat

@joeeckert 12:52pm .@alogicalfallacy I heard there was some sort of #bigdata thing going on at #geowebchat today. Can I still come? :D

@erictheise 12:58pm hello from ft. greene, where i’ve one eye on @foss4g proposals, one eye on @alogicalfallacy & @AndrewShears’s #bigData #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:00pm RT @re_sieber In a few minutes, it’s the twice monthly #geowebchat, tday on #bigdata. Mute me if you don’t want all the tweets.

@re_sieber 1:01pm .@erictheise & I are just back from #sotmus where I never once heard the term #bigdata #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:01pm Alright everyone, it looks like it’s #geowebchat time. This time @AndrewShears and I will be running a follow-up to the alt.con on big data

@AndrewShears 1:01pm For real?!? RT @re_sieber .@erictheise & I are just back from #sotmus where I never once heard the term #bigdata #geowebchat

@geodosu 1:02pm I’m here too. What happens now? #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:02pm Yep, I’m here! #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:03pm Well, my gut-first reaction to the alt.con: “HOLY SHIT the turnout!” #geowebchat First panel, lightning talk had ~100 attendees.

@re_sieber 1:03pm .@AndrewShears @erictheise No #bigdata @ #sotmus. Ppl more interested in making than in pontificating. #MoreHackLessYak #geowebchat

@MGeomatic 1:04pm Except @geoplace has someone had the opportunity to read @RobKitchin “The Data Revolution”? Sage announced it for next August #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:04pm .@geodosu Follow the hashtag #geowebchat and surf the threads as best you can.

@wonderchook 1:05pm @re_sieber @AndrewShears @erictheise much talk about data, but people aren’t concerned about size so much as use #geowebchat #sotmus

@AndrewShears 1:05pm . @geoplace posted a reaction (based on his panel) to the alt.con which is must-read: goo.gl/NbO0V6 #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:05pm I don’t think anyone is suggesting that the term ‘big data’ is about size as opposed to use. #geowebchat

@erictheise 1:05pm @alogicalfallacy, the dominant buzzword at #sotmus was “vector tiles” /cc @re_sieber #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:05pm .@alogicalfallacy @erictheise Buzzwords @ #sotmus. Drones, tiles, HOT (humanitarian OSM team). License, license, license #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 1:06pm @wonderchook @re_sieber @AndrewShears @erictheise It does make me consider whether #osm could/should be considered #bigdata #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:06pm And I think @geoplace’s essay brings us back to square one vis-a-vis #geoweb and #bigdata – what exactly is this stuff? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:06pm .@geodosu @AndrewShears @erictheise Geographers have drunk the koolaide of #bigdata. Not sure we add anything to the mix, though #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:07pm See, @mappingmashups I would say YES #osm is, but my definition is BROAD. @wonderchook @re_sieber @erictheise #geowebchat

@geodosu 1:07pm @AndrewShears @re_sieber @erictheise Gah. Those hashtags. So have geographers swallowed the koolaid on #bigdata then? #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 1:07pm @alogicalfallacy @AndrewShears (Hi everybody from from the code/space between airports) #geowebchat

@geoplace 1:08pm @re_sieber what is the koolaide of big data (and who has drunk it?)? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:08pm .@AndrewShears. No @geoplace doesn’t bring us back to sq1 unless we think ab what geography uniquely brings to #bigdata #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:08pm Regarding “kool aid,” I have two problems: 1. mass suicides != academic research. 2. Critical research != blind acceptance #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 1:09pm @erictheise @alogicalfallacy @re_sieber In a sense, vector tiles are OSM’s way of dealing with how big the data has gotten. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:09pm .@geodosu @AndrewShears @erictheise Many geographers are regurgitating ideas better discussed by makers and communications ppl #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:10pm . @re_sieber @geoplace And in some ways, this was our bigger question for the altconf -> what does geog bring to this field? #geowebchat

@joeeckert 1:10pm Tangentally related to #geowebchat but Twitter just announced that they’re purchasing GNIP (online.wsj.com/news/articles/…)

@erictheise 1:10pm if your definition of #bigData includes “difficult to grapple with using existing infrastructure”, many would include #osm. #geowebchat

@MGeomatic 1:10pm .@wonderchook @re_sieber @AndrewShears @erictheise Well, actually Mike Goodchild recast geo census data as “small data” #geowebchat

@joeeckert 1:11pm .@re_sieber Could you be more specific as to which ideas? #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:11pm Whoa. More mvt from social -> data. RT @joeeckert Tangentally related to #geowebchat but Twitter just announced they’re purchasing GNIP

@re_sieber 1:11pm .@alogicalfallacy Re: #2 gawker.com/is-the-interne… “u can throw ar phrases or refs that r a signal to other people who agree w you” #geowebchat

@MGeomatic 1:13pm .@AndrewShears @re_sieber @geoplace yes indeed, but the question goes also both ways #geowebchat

@Steven_Ramage 1:13pm @re_sieber some points here may be relevant, but key issue is overuse of the terminology slideshare.net/Ramages/ordnan… #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:13pm .@joeeckert Concept of privacy in #bigdata is being better handled by communications ppl #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:13pm . @re_sieber @joeeckert But is geo-privacy? Are we willing to toss that aside to com studies? #geowebchat

@erictheise 1:14pm otoh another @sotmus thread was @lxbarth’s plea to drop #ODbL share-alike which restricts compilation characteristic of #bigData #geowebchat

@joeeckert 1:14pm .@re_sieber We’re also temporally “behind” comm by several years in our engagement. Privacy isn’t traditionally comm, is it? #geowebchat

@geodosu 1:15pm Those ‘v’s we keep hearing about – volume, velocity, variety – all co-vary with size Also the ‘more is different’ meme #geowebchat

@Steven_Ramage 1:15pm @erictheise it’s worth reviewing what location adds to any data in terms of context or relevance #geowebchat

@GPSBaby 1:15pm It’s not how big your data is it’s what you do with it that matters . Agree with @wonderchook #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:15pm One thing we wanted to do with this altconf is talk about what geog’s engagement is, and should be, with #digdata. #geowebchat

@geoplace 1:16pm @re_sieber @joeeckert I’m not understanding your argument. Are you asserting that geographers shouldn’t talk about privacy? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:16pm @AndrewShears @joeeckert Geog can contribute 2geo-privacy if we inc spatial distribution, patterns and processes. Not pts on map #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:16pm @re_sieber @AndrewShears @joeeckert But who is just throwing up points on a map? #geowebchat

@geodosu 1:16pm @RobKitchin made the point – as did others e.g. @agaleszczynski that #bigdata is not one big thing #geowebchat although…

@AndrewShears 1:16pm . @re_sieber @joeeckert I don’t think any of us would be atheoretical enough to argue mapping is our only poss contribution. #geowebchat

@MGeomatic 1:17pm .@joeeckert well, data is also not traditionally geo is a sense & @re_sieber was advocating for “small data” #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:18pm .@geoplace @joeeckert Let’s ensure we add our unique voice-the geography to #bigdata privacy-and not just repeat others #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:18pm @re_sieber I could not agree more (re: unique voice). I think that applies more broadly than just privacy, though. #geowebchat

@wonderchook 1:19pm @mappingmashups were quite a few talks related to imagery as well, which is certainly #bigdata #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:19pm @AndrewShears @joeeckert Hold on, I might be. I’m interested in the value-added and not adding to the volume on #bigdata. #geowebchat

@geoplace 1:20pm @re_sieber @joeeckert Yes. But I strongly disagree that we should see privacy as something better handled by communication ppl. #geowebchat

@bgrassbluecrab 1:20pm @re_sieber @AndrewShears @joeeckert #geowebchat there’s some ethical responsibility to show geog. paying attention to privacy, even in vol.

@joeeckert 1:20pm .@re_sieber @geoplace Sure. So what might that look like? I think “placing” big data beyond lat/long is hugely important. #geowebchat

@MGeomatic 1:21pm .@alogicalfallacy @re_sieber Indeed, and I remained frustrated by the lack of “location” mentions during the alt.conf #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:21pm .@MGeomatic @joeeckert I was arguing that we shouldn’t neglect how ALL data collection is being cast in the frame of #bigdata #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:21pm I think to get at geog’s possible contribution we have to step back. Maybe redefine what geoweb and big data are from our view. #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:22pm I think, as @geoplace has pointed out, not all talking about the same thing re: big data and geoweb. Contours not well defined. #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:22pm I’ve always been more open to variation – I include tech ubiquity and user-gen data under the tent. How big shall the tent be? #geowebchat

@MGeomatic 1:22pm .@re_sieber @joeeckert however #BigData sounds like climate change > more research needed… but what do we need more data for? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:23pm .@joeeckert @geoplace I’d like more on telcom and co-location research in #bigdata. That’s scary surveillance stuff #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:24pm .@alogicalfallacy @MGeomatic Location in #bigdata: any geog ref, explicit, implicit. Also impacts on our ways of knowing place #geowebchat

@bgrassbluecrab 1:25pm .@re_sieber @joeeckert @geoplace agreed. and there are literally scifi books about using #bigdata for surveillance #geowebchat

@geoplace 1:25pm @re_sieber @joeeckert me too. But that hope isn’t helped by saying that you’re not sure geographers add anything to the mix #geowebchat

@MGeomatic 1:25pm .@alogicalfallacy @re_sieber more broadly, it sounded like we were tackling #bigdata as any nerd would have #geowebchat

@geodosu 1:25pm Are @RobKitchin lists of varieties of #bigdata a good place to start? Too urban? Or conflating too many different things? #geowebchat

@wonderchook 1:25pm @re_sieber @MGeomatic @joeeckert if you shove much data together does it become #bigdata?Isn’t it sometimes about how you slice? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:26pm .@MGeomatic @joeeckert #bigdata is revealing scary abduction, induction in terms of space, place #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:27pm Maybe we need a geography-centered definition of #bigdata? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:27pm .@geoplace @joeeckert Its a good tonic 4us to think of where geographers can add value in th research. Thats in th spatial stuff #geowebchat

@Steven_Ramage 1:28pm @gothwin @GPSBaby & the challenges of integrating or conflating data from multiple sources to make it meaningful or useful #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:28pm @AndrewShears We have several geography-centered definitions of big data. I’ve written on it qub.me/IsqTGw #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:28pm RT @AndrewShears we’re neglecting the space/place, larger social implications kinds of research #geowebchat

@wonderchook 1:29pm .@AndrewShears is geography that special though? Location is a component of data but is “spatial special”? I say “no” #geowebchat

@joeeckert 1:29pm .@AndrewShears Do we? Seems like (some of) the folks working w/#bigdata figured geography out already: nytimes.com/2014/04/14/opi… #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:30pm . @alogicalfallacy @joeeckert Well, hell, as few people seem to know what it includes! #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:30pm @wonderchook @AndrewShears “Spatial” may not be special, but how we understand world around us is necessarily spatial. #geowebchat

@MGeomatic 1:30pm .@re_sieber @joeeckert are you saying that w #bigdata we’re just replaying the induction / deduction & data / field discussions? #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:30pm .@wonderchook @MGeomatic @joeeckert Indeed, there’s research on how to turn #smalldata, #deepdata, #darkdata into #bigdata #geowebchat

@erictheise 1:30pm @AndrewShears, we need a geo-centered definition of #bigData almost as radically as we needed #VGI to replace #crowdsourced #geowebchat

@bgrassbluecrab 1:31pm @gothwin @Steven_Ramage @GPSBaby #geowebchat v. important, especially when using data for something it wasn’t designed for

@re_sieber 1:32pm .@alogicalfallacy @wonderchook @AndrewShears In our work on #bigdata, must remind ppl “how we understand world ar us is spatial. #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:32pm To touch on (some of) @re_sieber’s – @alogicalfallacy & I heard panel Sat touch on these issues more. Not (yet) under our tent. #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:32pm touch touch touch, apparently my word du jour.

@MGeomatic 1:33pm .@walkeroh @joeeckert @wonderchook @re_sieber sure, this is where all the #rawdata discussion arises #geowebchat

@geoplace 1:33pm @joeeckert @alogicalfallacy @wonderchook I like this definition (twitter.com/geoplace/statu…) to think about what we add #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:33pm But, main point, geographers are doing that larger work on social implications, just not in this forum (we should x-pollinate) #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:34pm @bgrassbluecrab @gothwin @Steven_Ramage @GPSBaby YES. Eg, we could research how space is misappropriated in #bigdata #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:34pm Without getting into merits of VGI, no one is calling for redefinition of big data. Critical understanding of spatiality… #geowebchat

@walkeroh 1:34pm @MGeomatic @joeeckert @wonderchook @re_sieber I would argue that there is no such thing as #rawdata. See mitpress.mit.edu/books/raw-data… #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:35pm It’s banal (and insane) to suggest we take terms from capitalist interests without question. What recedes, what emerges… #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:35pm . @erictheise Oh, no call for a new definition per se. Perhaps a working def that better connects geo to topics – think dongle. #geowebchat

@GPSBaby 1:35pm The irony is the bigger the data the more qualitative the answers can become as the query structure defines the logic #geowebchat

@geodosu 1:36pm @AndrewShears Elvin Wyly’s recent piece offers an opening there: dx.doi.org/10.1177/204382… practically a call to arms! #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:36pm .@walkeroh @MGeomatic @joeeckert @wonderchook Agree no such thing as #rawdata. But useful concept when trying to get #opendata #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:36pm @walkeroh @MGeomatic @joeeckert @wonderchook @re_sieber Big fan of this piece: qub.me/eWNrMV on raw/cooked data #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:38pm @GPSBaby I’m not sure I understand your point re: “query structure defines the logic” #geowebchat

@geodosu 1:38pm @alogicalfallacy I feel like we kind of did this time, although we’re starting to take a breath now and give it more thought #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:39pm @geodosu That’s a fair point. There was a gold rush on #bigdata and now there’s a bit more space for reflection. #geowebchat

@MGeomatic 1:39pm .@re_sieber @walkeroh @joeeckert @wonderchook yes & no because the core issue of #opendata remains who produces it, how, why etc #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:39pm .@geodosu @AndrewShears We also need to criticize our complicity in enabling th moneymkg, surveillance.Not just talk to ea other #geowebchat

@erictheise 1:39pm 8-). @sgillies i was being sarcastic. #VGI’s only utility to me is as indicator alerting me that i am surrounded by geographers. #geowebchat

@geodosu 1:39pm @alogicalfallacy that was what was encouraging about the panels at #AAG2014 #geowebchat

@walkeroh 1:40pm .@alogicalfallacy @joeeckert Wonderful special issue! @marylgray & @katecrawford are editing a #bigdata #bigdata issue in IJOC. #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:40pm Being open to defs of #bigdata and #geoweb was intentional by us. We wanted panelists (big voices) to help us shake that down. #geowebchat

@MGeomatic 1:40pm .@alogicalfallacy @geodosu the was also a goldrush on #VGI and still this doesn’t make VGI nor citizen participation #bigdata #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:40pm . @re_sieber @geodosu Agreed 1000%. And saying that shit has certainly gotten me blackballed on certain “critical” geog boards. #geowebchat

@walkeroh 1:41pm @MGeomatic @re_sieber @joeeckert @wonderchook I think #opendata isn’t #rawdata. It’s still processed/cooked somehow. #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:42pm Isn’t the biggest challenge in any “critical” discipline to actually change things and NOT just sit on our asses and talk? #geowebchat

@chronomex 1:42pm @geodosu Have an open access version? I’m no longer in academia. #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:42pm . @walkeroh @MGeomatic @re_sieber @joeeckert @wonderchook The very act of collecting data processes data. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:42pm .@MGeomatic @alogicalfallacy @geodosu It’s a struggle to see VGI as citizen particip. And now many have moved on to nextbigthing #geowebchat

@MGeomatic 1:43pm .@re_sieber @wonderchook @joeeckert exciting, any examples of turning #samlldata #darkdata into the “right” side of the force? #geowebchat

@geodosu 1:43pm @AndrewShears I liked Tony Benn as cited by @geoplace “How do I get rid of you?” and of course, “the point is to change it” #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:43pm .@AndrewShears #MoreHackLessYak. Are critical geographers willing to make maps, apps? #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:43pm May I ask what we mean by #darkdata? Another buzzword? A technical definition? Confused. #geowebchat

@MGeomatic 1:45pm .@AndrewShears @walkeroh @re_sieber @joeeckert @wonderchook still producing the data, processing it, making sense r not the same #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:45pm #darkdata is data not easily accessible to the algorithm, the scraping #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:45pm . @re_sieber From my end, most critical geogs have little interest besides pub’g scripts for audience of 5, email flame wars. #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:46pm @re_sieber So, is #darkdata just not publicly available data? I’m still unclear on the definition/utility? Interested, though. #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:46pm . @re_sieber one of the reasons I gravitated here! #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:47pm .@MGeomatic @wonderchook @joeeckert We can hope 4 #littlebrother activities to turn #smalldata to the right side of the force #geowebchat

@MGeomatic 1:47pm .@wonderchook @AndrewShears @walkeroh @re_sieber @joeeckert that it’s literature ;) cybergeo.revues.org/5233?lang=en #geowebchat

@geodosu 1:47pm @alogicalfallacy #darkdata data google hasn’t got hold of yet <snark> they once called data on arc servers ‘dark geoweb’ #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:48pm .@AndrewShears Most crit geog have little interest bsides twitter flamewars too #KettleICallMyself #geowebchat

@joeeckert 1:49pm .@re_sieber @AndrewShears There are crit geog’ers on Twitter? #geowebchat (I keed, I keed)

@MGeomatic 1:49pm .@re_sieber @wonderchook @joeeckert interesting #littlebrother vs #darkdata, thankfully brains still beat the algorithms ;) #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:50pm @geodosu See, that’s just it. What exactly are we talking about? I wrote an MA on scene release sites in 2006, is that it? #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:50pm Well, I don’t think this chat will do any more than the sessions did to nail down stuff. Still kinda the wild west… #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:50pm .@GPSBaby That’s dangerous, though. Bc the algorithm is the only way to parse all that #bigdata. Qual becomes quant #geowebchat

@geodosu 1:50pm @re_sieber I find obsessive nature of data collection these days very mysterious. If big is such a problem stop collecting it! #geowebchat

@bgrassbluecrab 1:51pm @geodosu @re_sieber #geowebchat people assume more data is always needed, problems can be solved with just more data

@JeremyCrampton 1:51pm .@joeeckert @re_sieber @AndrewShears We’re everywhere #surveillance #geowebchat

@joeeckert 1:52pm .@JeremyCrampton @re_sieber @AndrewShears I thought you were just a pseudopositivist? ;) #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:52pm I think one of our goals was to get as many people in a room talking about this stuff as we could. Got a LOT of ground to cover. #geowebchat

@MGeomatic 1:52pm .@joeeckert @re_sieber @AndrewShears isn’t that what our classes are supposed to be all about? producing very versatile jedis;) #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:53pm .@geodosu Is #bigdata the critical geographers’ new sandbox? If so, then the litter goes everywhere #geowebchat

@bgrassbluecrab 1:53pm haha RT @re_sieber: .@geodosu Is #bigdata the critical geographers’ new sandbox? If so, then the litter goes everywhere #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 1:53pm Coming really late to #geowebchat (time zones etc.) but want to re-ask why geogs should leave privacy to comm people? @re_sieber

@re_sieber 1:54pm .@MGeomatic @joeeckert @AndrewShears We need to worry ab producing versatile jedis to serve the Sith, cough, geoint #geowebchat

@agaleszczynski 1:55pm We are precisely the ppl to be talking about privacy b/c 1) location underwrites everything & 2) location is uniquely sensitive #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:56pm Well, our hour is almost up, but I’d like to throw in a few thoughts for whatever they’re worth… #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:56pm @agaleszczynski Geog’rs hv import things to say ab location in privacy.But we’re late (stale?) in terms of general priv concerns #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 1:57pm @re_sieber @AndrewShears As we accuse our ilk (critgeogs) of too much yakking, I do ses parallels w/ OSM’s endless bikeshedding. #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:57pm As the nominal head, I’ll post a few thoughts as I head out the door… #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:57pm One: I think we need to be flexible for boundaries of this research. I say we go “big-tent” and include more folk. #geowebchat

@MGeomatic 1:57pm .@re_sieber @joeeckert @AndrewShears sure so we wont discourage @CritGeog come & play with us in new #opendata #bigdata sandoxes #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:58pm 1. I think this division between those who “make” and those who “critique” is unhelpful. Many do both, neither more virtuous. #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:58pm I think this research is too new to be exclusionary. #bigdata mappers have some good stuff, some limits. So does ALL research. #geowebchat

@geodosu 1:58pm @RobKitchin parsing monolithic ‘big’ into its many varieties definitely needed. My comment part of #geowebchat not a verdict on typology.

@agaleszczynski 1:59pm @re_sieber late about general privacy concerns maybe, but my research shows that location raises unique concerns wrt privacy #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:59pm 2. Plethora of terms testament to academic need to coin terms for pubs. And of questionable utility. #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 1:59pm THIS. RT @alogicalfallacy 2. Plethora of terms testament to academic need to coin terms for pubs. And of questionable utility. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 1:59pm @mappingmashups @AndrewShears But at least OSM makes stuff. To critical geography, it’s critical turtles all the way down #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 1:59pm 2 (cont). Terms matter, but we must take critically – what is added, what is lost with each. #geowebchat

@bgrassbluecrab 1:59pm <3 RT @alogicalfallacy: 2. Plethora of terms testament to academic need to coin terms for pubs. And of questionable utility. #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 2:00pm 3. Data – all data – intrinsically political, we cannot lose cite of our goals. Point is to change it. @geoplace ‘s piece. #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 2:00pm I think big tent needs to extend elsewhere in geog. @alogicalfallacy & I saw great web panel w non-techies who felt outside us. #geowebchat

@MGeomatic 2:00pm .@wonderchook @re_sieber @walkeroh @joeeckert still we have to teach people to make sense of #opendata to empower them with it #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 2:00pm 4. Such views. Many ideas. Wow. – Immensely glad to have so many brilliant people working in the realm. Thank you all. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 2:01pm @agaleszczynski Yes. Yr research reveals loc concerns. We must ensure tht geography research foregrounds location in discussions #geowebchat

@joeeckert 2:01pm .@re_sieber @mappingmashups @AndrewShears I’m pretty sure there’s a small handful of us with feet in both realms. Just sayin’. #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 2:01pm And a special thanks to @mappingmashups for asking me to guest host. What a fun time. :) #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 2:01pm @joeeckert @re_sieber @mappingmashups @AndrewShears I think more do both than you think. Perhaps just don’t identify as such. #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 2:02pm @alogicalfallacy Thanks for hosting! @AndrewShears, too! #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 2:02pm …. and the folks at that panel (@DonColley3 @EmilyRFekete @camillahawth) do stuff that hits on what @re_sieber crits. #geowebchat

@re_sieber 2:02pm .@alogicalfallacy 5. If we are the product then we are complicit in #bigdata #geowebchat

@bgrassbluecrab 2:02pm @alogicalfallacy @joeeckert @re_sieber @AndrewShears it’s hard to identify as critical when you do applied things too #geowebchat

@alogicalfallacy 2:02pm More than that @re_sieber – we are helping it, we are furthering it. Must remain open to that fact. #geowebchat

@wonderchook 2:03pm @MGeomatic @re_sieber @walkeroh @joeeckert how does: the local school perform, my doctor stack up, my location put me at risk? #geowebchat

@mappingmashups 2:03pm Next #geowebchat will be in _3_ weeks, on May 6. [Insert usual request for guest hosts and topic suggestions here.]

@MGeomatic 2:03pm .@alogicalfallacy my point was we should teach people to do both “production”, “xploitation” & “critique” to further the debate #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 2:04pm And, look for @alogicalfallacy @joeeckert and my edited volume CFP. #geowebchat

@AndrewShears 2:05pm Thanks @mappingmashups for the chat and @alogicalfallacy and @joeeckert for letting me be part of this (altconf, book, chat) #geowebchat

@re_sieber 2:05pm Great time jousting on #geowebchat. Off to do #geoNYC with @erictheise

@MGeomatic 2:05pm .@wonderchook @re_sieber @walkeroh @joeeckert yep but you wont understand anwsers without having looked for them, spcly #bigdata #geowebchat

@RobKitchin 2:06pm @geodosu can find some of my ideas on ontology big data in papers accessible at nuim.ie/progcity/2014/… & dhg.sagepub.com/content/3/3/26… #geowebchat

@MGeomatic 2:09pm .@re_sieber @wonderchook @walkeroh @joeeckert exactly (but you’re not giving it:) and completing the form of @Macys cards, etc. #geowebchat

@RobKitchin 2:09pm @geodosu yes, got that. No doubt that there are varieties of big data ontologically & by sources and we need think through them #geowebchat

@erictheise 2:10pm only a hop, skip, & a jump from jousting to kriging, @re_sieber, see you over at #GeoNYC. #geowebchat

@geodosu 2:22pm @RobKitchin Yes. And the various flavours mean very different things politically socially culturally even geographically… #geowebchat

@RobKitchin 2:33pm @re_sieber @mappingmashups @AndrewShears CritGeog about revisioning/remaking the world. Theory/policy matters. >turtles atwd #geowebchat

@walkeroh 3:22pm @MGeomatic @AndrewShears @re_sieber @joeeckert @wonderchook Data collection, processing, and exploring is part of sense making. #geowebchat

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