Next #geowebchat, Nov 4: Diversity of those studying and doing the Geoweb

Guest hosted by Jessi Breen (@jessibreen) and Jim Thatcher (@alogicalfallacy).

Special time: 2 pm PST, 5pm EST, 22:00 GMT, on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

Diversity of those studying and doing the Geoweb

There has been much discussion recently on the limits of Geoweb data, on the gaps in knowledge that inherently arise in the production of digital data. Sometimes termed the ‘data divide,’ this is a topic well worth considering; however, today we’d like to discuss a simultaneous issue – Not who produces the Geoweb’s data, but who produces its infrastructure and the related knoweldges of it? This geowebchat is aimed at discussing issues of diversity in the study and production of the Geoweb and how that may influence what can be known through it. Where are the gaps and how might we fill them in? Is it our role to do so and, if so, how might we do it?

Join us on Twitter at the hashtag #geowebchat for one hour of discussion. Everyone is welcome to join the conversation or just follow along. For more information about #geowebchat, see here:

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