Vote for the Top Geo Story of 2014: #topgeostoryof2014

For the final #geowebchat of the year (which will be Tuesday, December 16, at 12pm PST), I am collecting your votes for the top news story of the year in the field of geography and geospatial technology. On the 16th I will add up all your votes and post a crowdsourced top 10 list of the biggest geo stories of 2014.

Please send me your votes, either through comments on this blog post, or on twitter using the hashtag #topgeostoryof2014. One vote per person please (but if you must vote for more than one, please rank your votes in order of preference: #1, #2, etc.)

To give you some ideas, here are the top stories you picked for 2013:

The top stories we picked for 2013:

  1. MapBox’s funding and general awesomeness
  2. The release of the iD editor for OpenStreetMap
  3. The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team’s activation for Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda
  4. Revelations about NSA #geosurveillance (and other geo-tracking stories)
  5. The year of alternative geo pedagogy: The Penn State maps #MOOC, #mapacademy, #maptime, #mapschool, etc.
  6. Notable successes, failures, & sudden rebirths in #hyperlocal news (@Nextdoor @PatchTweet @everyblock etc)
  7. OpenStreetMap hits 1 million users
  8. Dynamic hillshading by MapBox
  9. Joshua Katz’s dialect maps
  10. The release of QGIS 2.0
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