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Should you rank all the candidates in the OpenStreetMap election?

TL;DR: The answer is yes. You don’t have to rank all the candidates, but there’s no reason not to. The OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) is currently holding an election for four seats on their Board of Directors. This is the governing body for the global OpenStreetMap project, and ideally the Board will represent all the diverse […]

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Video: Getting Native Reservations on OpenStreetMap

[crossposted to] Last month I gave a presentation at the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) conference. NACIS is always one of my favorite conference, and you can now watch videos of most of the presentations on YouTube here.  My talk was about getting Native Reservations to show up on OpenStreetMap. I blogged about […]

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It’s about time OpenStreetMap showed native lands on the map

[crossposted to] I’ve been using OpenStreetMap (OSM) for over 12 years now, and to this day I’m still impressed and amazed by how far this project has come. The audacity of OpenStreetMap’s core ideals–that volunteers can create and maintain a detailed map of the world, and that this collaborative map would be more democratic […]

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OpenStreetMap past(s), OpenStreetMap future(s)

[Crossposted from Slides at] I gave a talk at AAG last week, as part of a session about OpenStreetMap data analysis. I followed three presentations by some of my favorite OSM researchers, Sterling Quinn (@SterlingGIS), Indy Hurt (@IndyMapper), and Jennings Anderson (@JenningsatCU), all of them using OSM history data to see what it tells us […]

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#geowebchat transcript, 5 January 2016: Predictions for 2016

@mappingmashups Jan 05, 9:45am Today on #geowebchat: share your #geospatial predictions for #2016! Join us at 12pm PST, Tuesday January 5th. Please RT! #gistribe @mappingmashups Jan 05, 12:02pm Hello everyone joining today’s #geowebchat. Today we’re going to be making predictions for #2016. Feel free to join the chat! @geoparadigm Jan 05, 12:02pm Is this thing […]

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