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Let’s talk about VGI, ba-by!

[Guest post by Britta Ricker] The next #geowebchat will be this Tuesday, October 2 at 12pm PDT (3pm EDT, 8pm BST) for one hour. You know the drill, log on to twitter during that time and search for the #geowebchat hashtag to follow along with the conversation. In this week’s session we will discuss the diversity of VGI/citizen data. An emerging sub-literature […]

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Balloon Mapping Success!

[Guest post by Britta Ricker] A huge thank you to Alan for organizing Balloon Mapping in Vancouver on August 16! It was a great success! I, @bricker will be guest blogging about the launch of the balloon! Key lesson, even if you think the balloon is full, fill it up some more. We were using […]

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