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It’s about time OpenStreetMap showed native lands on the map

[crossposted to] I’ve been using OpenStreetMap (OSM) for over 12 years now, and to this day I’m still impressed and amazed by how far this project has come. The audacity of OpenStreetMap’s core ideals–that volunteers can create and maintain a detailed map of the world, and that this collaborative map would be more democratic […]

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OpenStreetMap past(s), OpenStreetMap future(s)

[Crossposted from Slides at] I gave a talk at AAG last week, as part of a session about OpenStreetMap data analysis. I followed three presentations by some of my favorite OSM researchers, Sterling Quinn (@SterlingGIS), Indy Hurt (@IndyMapper), and Jennings Anderson (@JenningsatCU), all of them using OSM history data to see what it tells us […]

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Year two at Stamen

As you may have noticed, I’m not really using this blog as a blog anymore. All my recent blog posts are geowebchat transcripts. If you want to read my occasional blog posts that are not twitter transcripts, I’ve tagged those with “not_geowebchat” for your convenience. I don’t have time to write blog posts anymore. And […]

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OpenStreetMap and the Ada Initiative #osm4ada

Thanks to Kathleen Danielson, there is now an OpenStreetMap community campaign to donate money to the Ada Initiative. The Ada Initiative is a group doing important work supporting women in open technology and culture, and it would be great to see more connections between OpenStreetMap and Ada. To donate to the #osm4ada campaign, click on […]

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AAG 2015 CFP: OpenStreetMap Studies: Research Perspectives on a Decade of OSM

Muki Haklay and I are organizing a session at AAG 2015 about “OpenStreetMap Studies”, inspired by his recent blog post: “OpenStreetMap studies (and why VGI not equal OSM)” You can read our full CFP here: AAG 2015 CFP: OpenStreetMap Studies: Research Perspectives on a Decade of OSM. Submissions are due October 31!

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