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Our relationship with print

Kazys Varnelis has a post today describing why he is giving up writing for print. Let’s face it, a personal library is the academic’s version of an SUV. It’s handy for when you need it, but it’s big and unwieldy, a poor choice when it comes to ecology and not a defensible option in a […]

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The pitfalls of crowdsourced cartography

Justin O’Beirne of the blog 41Latitude (which I hadn’t heard of before) has a great series of posts critiquing the user interface and cartographic styling of OpenStreetMap. It is an unfortunate truism that Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects tend to have poor user interfaces, so perhaps we should expect the same from OpenStreetMap? It’s […]

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PhD advice

I should be doing something else, but here’s a bit of advice for PhD students and recent PhDs: Tips from an ECR survivor. Mel Gregg is the author of a couple papers on blogging in academia, and the rest of her blog is also a good read if you’re interested in cultural studies and technology. […]

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Forget something?

Passed my comps, took a long-ish break, and now I’m back in the flow of research, reminding myself of all the things I just read which I’ve already forgotten. Apropos the idea of forgetting, Geert Lovink has some insightful comments that summarize many of the issues around digital memory that came up in my readings.Yes, […]

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Google’s biking maps (and alternatives)

So it is exciting that Google Maps now gives directions by bicycle (at least within the U.S.) and even has a lovely new style of rendering the map for biking. This new style shows bike routes and lanes where Google knows about them, and you can also activate it in conjunction with the terrain layer, […]

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