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Google’s biking maps (and alternatives)

So it is exciting that Google Maps now gives directions by bicycle (at least within the U.S.) and even has a lovely new style of rendering the map for biking. This new style shows bike routes and lanes where Google knows about them, and you can also activate it in conjunction with the terrain layer, […]

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Vancouver [de]Tour Guide 2010

Check out this Vancouver map mashup. I’ll have more to say about this 2010 Winter Olympics countermapping project later, but for now Rob Brownie describes it nicely: “A group of artists, cartographers and writers have collaborated to develop a community map of Vancouver that offers alternative views of the city. The purpose of the project […]

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I didn’t know Whuffie was real! And of course caseorganic is the richest person I know. In our discussions at Banff about free stores and alternative/local currencies, the idea (pipe dream) of reputation-based currencies came up. I wasn’t aware that the word “Whuffie” (invented by Cory Doctorow in a Sci-Fi novel) was already the de […]

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